Rocksbox #16 Review: Relishing Rose Gold (+ try Rocksbox for FREE!)


This 13th Rocksbox set was a bit of a surprise! Although two of the items (the hoops and the necklace) were on my Wish List, I had earmarked their yellow gold counterparts, not the rose gold versions. Now that I’ve seen them in rose gold, I’m so glad my stylist Elena chose that instead to send. Let me show you each of these lovely pieces.


1. Slate ‘Kerry’ Stude Pack (Member’s Price $23)

I have had a thing for white marble jewelry for about a year now, and coupled with the rose gold and the complementary arrow studs, this set is pure perfection. I have been more into small earrings lately, and I love wearing both of these alone or together in my first and second ear holes. The $23 price is enough to tempt me to make these a part of my permanent collection, especially since I don’t have a lot of cute small-sized earrings.


2. Anita K ‘Vixen’ Earrings in Rose Gold (Member’s Price $50)

These earrings are edgy and bold thanks to the spikes, but also refined thanks to the classic thicker hoop shape. They are slightly heavier than I’d like, but they’re definitely fine to wear throughout a full day of teaching. They are stunning to look at and of course they go with just about everything. At $50 they are a little more than I like to spend on a pair of earrings, and I can’t decide if I’d rather have them in a yellow gold color, which stands out a little more against my skin tone (I must have rose gold skin because this metal color kind of disappears against my skin). They really are gorgeous to wear, though, so I’m definitely tempted to keep them.


3. Kendra Scott ‘Etta’ Necklace in Gray Granite (Member’s Price $54)

If you’ve been hanging out here at Everyday Teacher Style for any time at all, you know I loooooove my girl Kendra Scott. I especially swoon over the Elisa necklaces and the Elle earrings, which make a statement, but still let the rest of your outfit take the lead. This necklace is really pretty, and the gray and white granite go with absolutely everything (not to mention the fact that they look perfect with both the stud set and the spike hoop earrings!). Since the granite stands out against my skin (unlike the rose gold chain), you do see it when I wear it, unlike the all rose gold Elisa necklace I received awhile back that I loved to look at, but that you really couldn’t see when I wore it. I probably won’t keep this one, but I really have been wearing it a lot while I have it.


All great! And they look so pretty together as a set.

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Rocksbox is basically like a stylist service for jewelry. A stylist sends you three pieces of jewelry and you can keep them as long as you like or send them back and get a new set. You can swap out your sets as often as you like, and you can also buy any (or all) of the jewelry in your set at a discounted Member’s Price. The cost is $19 per month, and if you decide to buy something from your set, you get $10 off of the price (they call this “Shine Credit”). If you buy all three pieces in the set, you get an additional $10 off on top of the Shine Credit. If you’d like to see what Rocksbox is all about, sign up with promo code EVERYDAYJENXOXO and you’ll get your first month free! You can cancel at any time, even after that first month, if you want to stop your subscription. I have been receiving Rocksbox sets for about a year now and I’m really enjoying have access to an unlimited supply of pretty jewelry (and they have a ton of cute KENDRA SCOTT items!). Give it a try!



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