How to Style a Sequin Skirt (How, indeed?)

Looooookie what I found at a local consignment store, Castaways Consignment,  last weekend! It all started out as an innocent trip to the consignment store to drop off some gently used Lululemon items. While they were looking through the goodies I brought, I was browsing around the store and spotted this amazing sequined skirt. It was only $15 and I had about $50 in store credit from items I’ve sold recently anyway, so I figured it was a no-brainer.

The skirt is a mini skirt, which I don’t usually love (I prefer skirts that hit just above or just below the knee), but this one had just enough length to it that I think I can wear it without worrying that it’s too short. It has a hint of stretch, but it’s loose (probably in part because the size is L and lately I’ve been more M). I like that it’s a tad big, though, because that allows me to wear it a little lower on the hips to give it more length. It’s not like I’m going to be wearing anything cropped with it anyway, and I do prefer mini skirts that are not-so-mini.

Was I in the market for a sequined skirt? Uh, no. But the more I looked at it, the more I could see possibilities. The girl at the counter was saying she thought it would be perfect for New Year’s Eve. It sure would, but that’s not what I have in mind for it. Since I’m pretty much all casual, all the time, I pictured this beauty with a white or black drapey tank top or tee, and maybe a denim jacket as a topper. Shoe possibilities include black gladiator sandals, tan lace-up block heels (shown here), and maybe….just maybe….white or black sneakers?

Here’s a quick flatlay so you can see what I mean:

Source Info:  Skirt (got at consignment store); Tee: $24.96, Gap; Shoes: similar, from Target; Clutch: $29.95, DSW

So what do you think? I wasn’t sure about going so casual with this “fancy,” shimmery skirt, but I really do think it is a cute summer look! Now all I need to figure out is what kind of place to wear it. Maybe a summer date night? Casual summer wedding? Or a concert? Okay, I don’t really ever go to concerts, I’m old enough that nobody I know is getting married (and my nieces and nephews are all still too young), and our date nights usually involve grabbing a quick dinner and going to a movie. But maybe I’ll make an effort to FIND a place to wear this outfit when the weather warms up a little more.

What I mean by the title of this post, “How to Style a Sequined Skirt,” is really, HOW? How would you style it? I have this one idea, but I’d love more ideas. Maybe then I’ll have a better idea where I can wear this beauty.

A few other ideas I had for this skirt include a crisp white button down shirt knotted at the waist, or maybe a chambray or denim button down shirt? Would a knotted tee be too unstructured? I’d appreciate your ideas!


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