Camo Jeans and Kate Spade

Camouflage print and Kate Spade: not something as naturally made for each other as peanut butter and jelly, but not enemies either. Maybe we could call it an ensemble of frenemies? I think they play pretty well together, especially when there are a few other black accessories to help make Katie girl feel a little more laid back.


This tote is the bomb, though. It’s just the right size to hold everything I need it to and still fit under my shoulder (and also in that place I like to stuff my bags in the car while I’m driving).

Source Info: Camo Skinny Jeans (Gap, no longer available: similar); Denim jacket: Gap; T-shirt: Gap; Gladiator sandal (Payless, no longer available; similar); Necklace: Arc Pendant (Stella & Dot); Bag: Haven Street Maxi (Kate Spade)




I’m kind of falling off of the left side of the photo above, but at least you can see how the bag’s handles are just the right length, too. It’s not a soft, slouchy bag (which I’ll admit is the kind I love most): it’s pretty stiff and sturdy. In fact, it’s my first “sturdy” bag like this so I’m not used to it; but I do love that it does look nice and keeps its shape all the time. Most of my bags come from Target or DSW, but this beauty was from the most recent sale at


And I’ve got to admit that I also love the little spade purse charm dangling down from the handle in the front. I’ve tied scarves onto this and added other charms and they all look perfect thanks to the classic, go-with-everything color and shape of this bag. No doubt it’ll be in use for years to come!

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