AE Tomgirl distressed denim jeans and the best striped sweater for spring


Spring is in the air! Or at least I want it to be. A week or so back we had a little blast of springlike weather and I painted my toenails and busted out the first sandals of the year.

I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of destroyed boyfriend-style jeans for a while now. Seems like everything is either too destroyed (not enough jean left in the front), too “precisely” destroyed (you know what I mean — those jeans that have perfectly spaced, perfectly parallel horizontal slashes all up and down the front), or not distressed enough (one or two little patches of fray and nothing more).

Well, my friends, if you’ve been looking too, the search is over. Check out these AE Tomgirl distroyed jeans. They’re really lightweight so they’re perfect for spring and summer. They have some stretch so they keep their shape while still draping really nicely, and the distressing is heavy, but not so heavy you’re showing things you don’t want to. Plus, it looks natural, like the jeans are actually just a well loved pair you’ve had for years. They’re a mid-to-higher rise which keeps them from gapping all over the place at the waist like jeans tend to do on people with…uh….larger hips and a smaller waist. Plus, they’re under $50. Perfection!

Then check out this super lightweight sweater-slash-tunic from Target! It also comes in navy with white stripes, but I think the white with heathered black stripes is SO spring-and-summery and looks great with all types of jeans. It has a hi-low hem that would also be perfect with leggings or skinny jeans, but I gave it the ‘ole front tuck here so it wouldn’t overpower these awesome jeans.

I actually wore this outfit to school on a Thursday — yeah, that’s right, a Thursday. It was kind of a casual day since my classes were working on projects and I was mostly circulating and answering questions. I don’t think I’d wear it on a day when I was presenting new material or going to a meeting or anything like that, but it was fine for a laid back teaching day. Surprisingly, I got a lot of compliments from coworkers, so maybe it wasn’t as far over the “unprofessional dress” line as I had worried.

This may make me sound kind of teacher-ageist, but if I were a brand new teacher I probably would not wear jeans like this to teach, even on a casual Friday. However, with 24 years under my belt I think I have the competence (and confidence) to wear some messed up jeans to school and still be respected by my students and colleagues. I guess that’s another good thing about being an older a veteran teacher. 😀

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