A Year in Review: Your Top 5 Posts

Your Top 5 Most Popular Posts of the Year

Because anniversaries and birthdays are great times to reflect, I thought I’d spend a few posts this week looking back at ETS over the past year. I went  back through my post stats to see which ones were the most popular with readers (in terms of being viewed/read most). And without further adieu, here is the countdown. Click any of the images to the left to view the posts.

#5: STITCH FIX #28 REVIEW -- Nothing particularly earth-shattering about this particular Fix: All of the Stitch Fix review posts were up there in the top finishers.
#4: 4 LATE WINTER -- EARLY SPRING FASHION TRENDS FOR SPRING 2017 -- Not too surprising I guess, considering I am always googling fashion trends for seasons and years myself.
#3: ANOTHER PAIR OF LULAROE OS LEGGINGS -- Also not surprising seeing how popular Lularoe goodies are right now.
#2: THE PERFECT FALL AND WINTER DRESS -- Another seasonal winner. I think the popularity of this one was also boosted by Stitch Fix featuring it on their Pinterest account.
#1: TEACHERS ARE MASTER MULTI-TASKERS (BUT WE ALREADY KNEW THAT) -- Cool! This post was about a study I had just seen that suggested teachers were better-than-average at multi-tasking. Well, duh. 🙂

Interesting, but not that surprising, that some of your favorite posts did not have to do with fashion and style. Even though this is a teacher fashion and style blog, I like to intersperse the style with a little substance every now and then. Come to think of it, when I think of my own favorite blog posts, only a few of them have to do with style. You’ll see what I mean by that tomorrow!

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