A Year in Review: My Top 5 Most Favorite Posts of the Year

My Top 5 Most Favorite Posts of the Year

Although the posts above were the most popular with readers, I have to qualify that a bit by saying since my blog was brand-spanking-new in March 2016, I didn’t many readers yet. Well let’s just be honest and say I started with zero readers. My blog is still growing now and nowhere near as “hit” as a lot of mega-popular fashion, teacher fashion, and/or teacher blogs out there, but I have met (and exceeded!) the modest one-year growth targets I had set for myself back then. So I also want to share a few of my favorite posts, some of which were from the early days when nobody was there to see what I had to say.


#5. What I’ve Learned from 2 Months of Posting Outfits of the Day #OOTD 

This post is another that was me laying it out there more than I normally do, talking about things I don’t normally talk about online (or in real life, for that matter). I should do another of these posts now that I’ve got a full year of #OOTD posts under my belt. Thing is, most of what I said after 2 months still applies. I’ll have to think about the new things I’ve learned since this post and get back to you.



#4. Teacher Fashion Fails, Vols ONE, TWO, and THREE

This series of posts still cracks me up! And it also reminds me that I haven’t done one in a while…. I’ll have to remember to save those weird photos that I don’t end up using in blog posts. Lost of times I just delete them if they’re bad, but when I remember, I save a few and use them to poke fun at the…uh…blooper photos (is that a thing?) that happen when you try to capture good outfit photos.


#3. Little Guy, Big Style, Great Cause

How could I not love this one? I ventured from my typical style diaries subject matter into the kids’ fashion world. I have three boys — three of whom are not all that interested in wearing stylish clothes — so I don’t have a lot of opportunity to look for cute outfits for them. Well, I guess I could look all I liked, but they will still insist upon wearing nothing but sweatpants and athletic shorts every day. But for this special event, I got to go all out to find something cute and kind of in the slightly-above-business-casual formality range for my youngest guy.


#2. What to Wear to a High School Reunion, Parts ONE, TWO, and THREE

This series of posts was so much fun to write, despite the fact that my blog was still pretty new at the time and I didn’t get a lot of feedback from the website, I did get a TON of input and help via Instagram posts featuring these same outfits and questions (my Instagram audience has grown way faster than my blog audience!). I hope to do more “help me figure out what to wear” mini-series like these in the future.



#1. 8 Ways to Ease Teacher-Mom Stress and Burnout (from a formerly stressed & burned out teacher-mom)

This post was straight from the heart. I saw some of my younger teacher-mom friends struggling and around that same time happened to read a tear-jerking blog post titled “I Cannot Be Both a Good Mom and a Good Teacher.” The struggle is real, and even though I’m now an older a veteran teacher and have developed some coping strategies, I still have moments of self-doubt and guilt in this area.


And there you have it! Interesting again to see that several of my own faves did not have to do with style or fashion. But again, not surprising. All fashion all the time would be a little dry for me I think. It was really fun for me to go back and read things I wrote awhile ago. I’m not a journaler, and I haven’t written in a diary since the junior high, so I guess this is the closest I’ve come to that in a long time.

A little later this week I’ll reveal some plans I have for new features and changes here at ETS. Thanks again for coming along for the ride! Oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway for Pete’s sake!



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