Teacher Squad Tees

Sporting one of the newest tee designs available at the Everyday Teacher Style store: Teacher Squad! I can’t tell you how many teachers at my school complimented it. It prompted a lot of student questions, too: “Who’s in the teacher squad?” “Can I join?” “Are only the good teachers in the teacher squad?” Too funny.


It’s so soft and comfortable, and it has a little extra length so if you size up you could wear it with leggings and keep everything covered up (or down, I should say) pretty well.


The amazing Teacher Squad tee comes in three colors as well as a 3/4 sleeve baseball/raglan style.


I’ve linked the rest of the items (exact jeans and shoes; similar necklaces) below.

This is a really simple and comfortable look that’s perfect for just about any casual occasion. You could even add a moto jacket, blazer, bomber, or cardigan to dress it up a little for a night out.



Okay, I know I’m kind of biased because I made this shirt, but it’s absolutely my number-one favorite tee right now. It’s comfortable, stylish, and lets me represent for my squad loud and proud. Boom.


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