Stitch Fix Dress for All Seasons

I have featured this Stitch Fix dress on the blog before (it’s a Market & Spruce ‘Auria’), and I just keep finding new ways to style it all year round. I wore it last fall with a tan cardigan and ankle boots. During the winter I wore it with black tights and a chunky off-white cardigan (didn’t snap a photo of this look). Now it’s spring and I’m wearing it with a denim trucker jacket and perforated suede peep-toe booties.



I love how this dress picks up colors from whatever you wear with it. It’s an interesting rust-orange-red color and the flowers are white-gray and gray-blue-teal. It has deep forest green stitching that can pass for black when it needs to. The colors are so in-between that they almost all can pass for something close when needed.



And just as it can be a fall and winter dress, it can be a spring and SUMMER dress! See?



So I have to say that this dress is one of my best Stitch Fix purchases to date. Most of the items I buy from my Stitch Fixes tend to be staples like jeans or tops, but this is an example of something I never would have bought for myself — or even tried on in a store, for that matter — but I ended up loving it. That’s the beauty of Stitch Fix! It gives you the chance to try new things in the comfort of your own home.



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