Denim on Denim: A Never-Fail Fashion Formula + Striped Tote Bags for Every Budget

On those days where you’re running late and you don’t have time to think about what to wear, you can always count on a denim-on-denim combination.



Today I went with a medium blue chambray shirt (Buffalo by David Bitton, purchased at Costco but they’re sold out now), black Mavi Alexa ankle skinnies, Clarks ankle boots, and a bright turquoise and coral bead necklace from Etsy.


I love this big stripey tote bag with this outfit. Everything else is pretty neutral, so the bag really pops. This is actually the bag I use every day to haul my grading back and forth to school. Love it when I can work it into an outfit photo! I got this particular bag at Payless a few years ago, but you can find lots of them here and there. I rounded up a few good ones in the $30 – $200 price range below.



My bag was $30 at Payless. There are enough cute styles in the lower price ranges that unless you want a full-on designer handbag (as opposed to a big, sturdy tote to haul your stuff around), you should be able to find something perfect in that $30-$50 range.  Plus then you could probably afford to throw in a new pair of sandals, too. 😀



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