New Classic Combo: Stripes + Camo

Today’s look was kind of a last-minute thing. You know the deal: you laid out an outfit the night before, but when the morning comes, you’re just not up for that one. When that happens, you usually go for something easy and classic: a fashion no-brainer.


That’s just what I did with this striped turtleneck, Topshop camo jacket, Mavi ‘Alexa’ ankle skinny jeans, and Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ black ankle boots. Then as an afterthought I threw on this Kendra Scott ‘Rayne’ necklaceย in gold and abalone from my latest Rocksbox set (remember, you can use promo code JENNYMBFF9 to try Rocksbox free!).


I think you’d be pretty safe swapping out just about any type of jacket, cardigan, or vest with this white-and-black striped top, jeans, and black ankle boots. ย Don’t you love those no-fail go-to formulas? ย (STOP, grammar time: I probably could have said “formulae” there, but I’ll go with the less formal, conversational plural of formula since we’re pretty laid back around here. Oh, and if you didn’t hear M.C. Hammer’s voice saying “STOP, grammar time,” then I want you to go back and read the beginning of this parenthetical expression the right way. C’mon, now.)



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