That AC/DC Reading Shirt…

“Hey, Mrs. M. You should wear that AC/DC Reading shirt tomorrow since we’re having a reading day!”

“Okay, Joey. You’ve got it.”

I always chuckle a little when my students refer to this READ tee. Lots of kids think it’s made by the rock band (“Did Angus Young like reading so much they made a t-shirt?”). Some others look at it quickly and think my chest is a walking billboard for ADHD (AD/HD). What? Other students like it because it reminds them of Harry Potter (the lightning bolt part). Whatever the reason, I get a lot of requests to wear it when we have reading days. It’s kind of a thing now.


I love this tee! It’s so soft and comfy. It comes in black with white letters and white with black letters. I got the black one, but I may be picking up the white one soon so I can have a second tee for when we have reading days in close proximity and I haven’t had time to do laundry yet.


I’ve added links so you can shop this sweater, jeans, and shoes as well. My Gap cardigan and Steve Madden slip-ons (in leopard) are sold out pretty much everywhere except Amazon, so I linked up a couple of different options.



    • I made the design and was selling them, but they are sold out. If I do another batch I’ll be sure to let you know.

  1. I’d love to get one too! It’d be great to wear at the library where I work because our summer theme is “Libraries Rock”

  2. I bought one of these at least 5 years ago from a library catalog. Would that have been from you? Trying to get another one.

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