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I loooove Lululemon. Seriously. I’ve tried lots of other workout pants and I always end up donating everything except my Lulus. After I tried that first pair of Lulus, I was so completely spoiled that now I don’tΒ work out in anything else. But if you’ve shopped Lulu, you know as well as I do that you have to pace yourself: I only pick up a few new items per year an I try to shop the “We Made Too Much” discount section whenever possible.

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Whenever we hit the Chicago or St. Louis area, I try to pop into a Lululemon to try on a few new items so I’ll know how they fit. Luckily, most everything at Lululemon seems to be sized consistently: I’m 5 feet 5.5 inches tall and weigh 148 pounds, and I wear size 8 in both tops and bottoms in everything I’ve tried on there.

I love that Lululemon gives a 15% discount to fitness instructors! Because I’m a kickboxing and resistance training instructor at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping, I just bring in my instructor certification or a paycheck stub as proof, show it to them, and get my discount. I used to be a little bummed that you couldn’t get this 15% discount online, BUT, at the St. Louis store I visited recently, they told me all I have to do is order through the store and I can still get my discount and have the items shipped directly to me! Good to know. Or NOT good to know because now I’ll be tempted to shop there more often. πŸ™‚

Anyway, here are the items I picked up recently and my thoughts on each.

1. Fast and Free Crop in Thrive Viridian Green Black

The Fast and Free crops are made in Lulu’s NULUX fabric, which is soft and breathable. It is compressive, but you don’t feel like you’re getting squeezed at all. NULUX is very lightweight (they describe it as “Naked Sensation”) and has amazing sweat wicking abilities. These particular crops are 19″ but they hit me almost exactly between my ankles and knees because I have abnormally short legs. On a normal human leg it would probably be just a few inches below the knee. They have reflective details (the Lulu symbol and also the dots at the bottom sides). I was debating between Midnight Navy and the color I ended up getting, Thrive Viridian Green Black. The Lululemon Educator who was helping me made a great point that ultimately made me choose the green-black. She pointed out that Lululemon nearly always has navy pants in most styles, but the green-black pattern would be gone once it sold out (until the time they decided to do another run of it, if they did at all). I’m glad I got the green-black — it’s absolutely gorgeous! Here are a couple of photos that show both the pants and the color.

Above you can see the pants; the lighting was funny in the picture making the pants look more blue. They are actually the green color you see below in the detail image.

Here are a few stock photos from Lululemon so you can see them on someone (not me – haha). You can see below that these crops also have SIDE POCKETS!! I love pockets in my workout pants because I like to tuck an index card with my kickboxing routine plan there for reference. Lululemon’s side pockets are also tall and wide enough for my phone — perfect-o.

I have done both a kickboxing and a resistance training workout in these crops and so far so good. They have a medium-to-high waist that’s high enough that you don’t have to tug them up and low enough that they don’t roll over when doing burpees and sit-ups and other bend-y exercises. These crops are expensive at $118, but as long as they are durable (which I’ll know over the coming months), I’m going to say they are worth it.

2. Smooth Stride Tank in Black

I have trouble finding tank tops that aren’t cut too low in the front. I don’t know if it’s that I have abnormally short shoulders or what, but what looks perfectly normal on some people seems to come down in the front to my belly button when I wear it. Because of this, I have to buy workout tank tops that are cut pretty high in the chest area. The original Lululemon Sculpt Tanks have always worked well for me and the Sculpt Tank II is great too (see below). I found third Lulu tank that is cool, great for both kickboxing and resistance training, looks stylish, and does not make me nervous about what people can see in front when I’m doing push-ups. I really like the sheer detailing around the bottom. It’s a simple racerback, but it’s loose and flowy (but not too flowy). Another great thing about this top is that the fabric has UV protection. That’s not as important to me since I mostly workout indoors, but this top would be great for running outside as well. I got it in basic black so I can wear it with just about any of my workout pants. I’ll show you two stock photos from in a bright green color so you can see the shape and details.

Here’s a close-up of the sheer detail at the bottom of my black one.

And finally, here’s a shot of this tank with my new Fast and Free Crops.

3. Sculpt Tank II in Blue Tied

I am a huge fan of the original Lulu Sculpt Tanks. They are cut high at the chest, have sheer mesh detailing around the armholes and shoulders, and have a nice cutout in the back. This Sculpt Tank II has the same loose fit and longer length as the original Sculpt Tank, but it has more narrow shoulder straps, it’s cut ever-so-slightly lower at the chest (but not too low!) than the original, and it does not have the cutout in the back–just meshy areas. Here are stock photos from Lululemon so you can compare the original (first image) to the new one (second image).

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but I can tell you that the new Sculpt II tank is a little longer than the original as well. At least it fits longer on me. Below is a photo of the one I got. The color is called “Blue Tied,” but it’s really a solid slate gray color. In the photo you can see there is also mesh around the top chest area. This tank kept me cool during kickboxing and moved with me. I thought it was great and liked it just as much as the original.

4. Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Pant (Luxtreme) in Black

I am a fan of Lululemon High Times pants, which are 7/8 length. On me that turns out to be ankle length, but on most people it’s probably just above the ankle area. This length is perfect for wearing out and about as leggings, but I also like working out in them in cooler temps. I have a pair of black High Times pants in Full On Luon (the more “cottony” feeling fabric), but I wanted a pair of Luxtreme (lighter, more slippery fabric) as well because they wick sweat a little better and don’t pick up as much dog hair and lint. I wear the Luon High Times all the time, but wanted a pair of the more silky material ones as well. The Lululemon Educator told me that the Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 length is basically the same as the High Times pant. They both come in Luon or Luxtreme and in a variety of colors and patterns. I like the higher rise of these pants and the 7/8 length is perfect.

These pants don’t have any outside leg seams or pockets. They do have a hidden pocket in the waistband. Here’s what they look like on.

All in all I’m very pleased with everything I got. All four items are keepers (assuming they’re durable). Even if they’re not durable, Lululemon’s customer service is so amazing that even if you contact them months after wearing an item to let them know that it’s coming apart at the seams, they will usually allow you to return them in exchange for a gift card. Their regular return policy states that you have 30 days to use and wash your items to get a refund. I have had to return one or two items (one within the return time and another a few months later) and they were extremely helpful and good about handling both situations. Another reason I think you do get what you pay for with Lululemon.


I love the photos and review information you can find at various Lulu blogs. Two of my favorites areΒ Lululemon Addict ( and The Sweat Edit ( Check them out if you want information about each week’s new uploads, uploads from other markets, as well as photos and reviews of new products.

Have you tried out any new Lululemon items lately? I’d love to hear about your favorite Lulus.


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