Evereve: A Store That Just Gets Me

The Story

I love a good coincidence, especially the kind that seem like the stars have all aligned in a great big arrow pointing you somewhere. I had one of those experiences last weekend in St. Louis. We were there to go to the St. Louis City Museum (which is UH-MAZING and if you’re in the St. Louis area you should definitely go!) and a show at the Fox Theater (The Illusionists – an exciting magic show that reminded me a bit of Now You See Me if you know what I’m talking about). We spent the night and got up Sunday morning, had the good ‘ole hotel continental breakfast, and I was checking Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat while I waited for everyone to finish packing their things up. I saw an add for something called Trendsend by Evereve, a service similar to Stitch Fix but that claimed to be geared toward moms, and I clicked the link because I loved the look of the clothes in the ad and I wanted to read about it since it was new to me (and since it was for moms and I thought that was neat). I love Stitch Fix, so I figured I might like this too.

Anyway, everyone was finally ready, so I clicked off my phone and we checked out of the hotel and hit a Lululemon (for me!) and then a mall that had a Lego store (for my 2nd grader). More about what I found at Lululemon here.


At the mall, we parked and were walking to the Lego store when I looked to my right and saw the very logo I had just been reading about an hour before:

No way! I had never in my life heard about Trendsend or Evereve, the store behind Trendsend, until I saw that Facebook ad earlier that morning, and now here they were in person. So weird! Anyway, I told my husband and the boys to go on on ahead to the Lego Store and I’d be there in a few minutes after taking a quick look in Evereve.


The Store

When I walked into the store I was BLOWN AWAY. Everywhere I looked were cute and stylish clothes that didn’t look like they were for people trying to be 21 Forever (haha, see what I did there?) or for people who are far, far, far past 21. The clothes were adorable, colorful, fun, stylish, and — be still my heart — on the modest side! No super-short skirts, crazily low-cut tops, or see-through items. The clothes are live-inable; the accessories are wearable; and the shoes are walkabout-able (no sky-high spikes here, just all-casual cool-girl styles)! Woohoo!


Everywhere I looked I saw cute florals, stripes, camo, corals, perfectly distressed denim, olive utility pants, and BASICALLY EVERYTHING I WANT TO WEAR EVERY DAY! Clothes for school, clothes for church, clothes for weekends, clothes for hanging out at home, and on and on. Everywhere I looked I saw “my” style. I think it goes without saying that I never made it down to the Lego Store to meet the guys.


An hour or so later, I had gotten to know the two fabulous salespeople, basically shared my life story (how did that happen?), and learned all about the awesomeness that is the company EVEREVE.  Meet Paula and Angela, hands-down the friendliest, most helpful store associates I’ve ever met.


The story behind Evereve is really interesting. The founder, Megan Tamte, was a stay-at-home mom struggling to find fashionable clothes. Things didn’t fit like they used to after having kids and she was frustrated with the whole shopping experience. She wanted to open a store that was different: one where they could shop with ease and go home feeling “empowered, stylish, and absolutely beautiful.” So she did! Evereve is geared toward helping moms have access to fashionable, modern clothes that make moms look “hot and wholesome” (don’t you love that?). The salespeople and stylists consider body type, fit, and lifestyle when making recommendations, and I love that it is their goal to “…go beyond selling clothes, we want to serve our moms by seeking to understand what she needs. We give our hearts in every step of the Evereve experience.” I love Evereve’s tagline: Dress Like a Mom. And you thought that was a bad thing…not here, girlfriend!


The store has comfortable seating areas for hubbies and or kiddos so Mom can look around and try things on easily, and there are even toys for the kids. They know moms can be stressed and busy, so they try to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible. That is exactly what I experienced with Paula and Angela at the St. Louis store: two caring women who were helpful, encouraging, good listeners, and who appear to truly love what they do.


I also snapped a bunch of photos of the store (because I loved everything in it!). Check out all of the awesomeness: you may want to look away every so often in case you become overwhelmed. I know I have to.

Pretty cool, huh!

Looking around I saw so many things I’d love to own — if I hadn’t just been shopping at Lululemon that same morning. Oof. I figured since everyone else was down at the Lego Store, I could try on one or two things. I grabbed two cold shoulder tees to try and headed for a the dressing room. They were very cute and as I was walking out of the dressing room trying to decide whether I’d buy the olive one or the white/black striped one, Paula popped back with a gorgeous sleeveless floral top and a cute jacket that she thought would look great on me. She asked my size and I said medium or large, which is what I typically take in tops. She suggested small in these items because — get this — the salespeople at Evereve have tried on everything in the store and know how they fit. Who does that? The totally awesome and helpful people at Evereve, that’s who.  Here’s what she handed me:

Both looked GORGEOUS on and fit like a glove. The funny thing is, I never would have picked that jacket (in fact, I hadn’t noticed it in the store), but it was so soft and stretchy and comfy! It’s made to move with you, so if you like to wave your arms around boisterously talk with your hands, you can do that with no restrictions (PAH-fect for teaching!). It’s a cropped jacket and when paired with the longer, flowy pleated floral top, something magical happens that makes them both even more awesome. Who’da thunk it? Certainly not me, but Paula just knew. She knew! That girl is good.

The Outfit

Here’s what they looked like on me (you know I wore them the very next day to school!).


The Styling Service, Trendsend

So back to that Facebook ad…. I mentioned to Paula that I had seen the ad for Trendsend, Evereve’s styling service, and she told me more about it (NO styling fees, no subscription needed, and free shipping and returns!). You can choose your store and stylist (and now that I’ve met St. Louis-based Paula and Angela, I am totally going to choose one of them style me!) The stylists pick 6-8 items for you including tops, bottoms, and accessories, based on your style profile, photos, and any other info you share with them. You buy what you want to keep and send the rest back within 5 days. Boom.


So I am totally going to cheat on Stitch Fix and try this out. I’ll be sure to post about what I received and what I thought of the experience. No hard feelings Stitch Fix, we’re still a thing too.




  1. Hi Jenny —
    Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Evereve. We can tell this blog post really comes from your heart, so we thank you for your authentic and well-considered review! Our core belief is simple but powerful: we believe that moms can change the world. We’re on a mission to help moms everywhere embrace their beauty and power and therefore are so very glad to hear that your experience in our St. Louis, MO store was a positive one. We absolutely can’t wait for you to try your first Trendsend Box. We think you’l love it.

    Thanks much and please be well,

    Libby Huber
    Social Media Specialist

    • Thanks, Libby! It was a great experience. I just received my Trendsend box and can’t wait to try on the cute items I received.

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