Fun Crafts for Boys

We had spring break recently and instead of basking on a warm, sunny beach, we had a staycation at home. It really wasn’t because we’d rather have a staycation…we had track meets and swim practices that the boys didn’t want to miss. Well, that and the fact that we really can’t afford to go on big trips more than once every few years and we just traveled to North Carolina last summer.


Sometimes Illinois weather is fabulous in March and April. Other times, not so much. This time our spring break was cold and rainy. One of my 2nd grade son’s favorite things to do on rainy days besides Legos, video games, and movies is fun craft projects that he picks out on Pinterest.


On the first day of spring break, we spent some time perusing Pinterest crafts geared toward kids and little guys in particular. Today on the blog I’ll share 5 projects that we did (and let you know how they went).

1. Giant Paper Airplanes

This idea is really simple, but cool. You just take posterboard and fold it up into a paper airplane. The one we made flew surprisingly well and my son decorated his plane with stickers and magic marker and also taped on a few extra wings. We did not secure the plane with packing tape as they did in the original project instructions.

Original Idea Source: Fireflies + Mud Pies


2. Lego Zip Line

This project was another one that was super-easy and turned out really well. My son could do this one all by himself, too — always nice and gives him a bigger sense of accomplishment. He ran a string from our balcony railing down across the living room and tied it to the door handle on the back deck door. He made two or three different Lego zipline “seats” and people and had a lot of fun sending them down and seeing which ones smashed into pieces and which ones held up. This activity actually lasted for an entire afternoon!

Original Idea Source: Little Bins for Little Hands


3. Pipe Cleaner Aliens

The directions for this project were actually to make pipe cleaner ninjas, but we changed things up a bit and made whatever we wanted. I made a cow and my son decided to make an alien. He took a brain-shaped eraser pencil topper and fastened it onto the alien’s head for effect. Kinda cool! To makes these you just need wood beads (for the faces), pipe cleaners, and colored straws to cut up and slide onto the pipe cleaners. The only thing about these is that they were a little top-heavy and hard to balance. Especially the one with the ginormous brain. ๐Ÿ™‚

Original Idea Source: Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls


4. Pipe Cleaner Flowers

This idea was 100% our own and it stemmed from making the pipe cleaner characters. We were taking pencils and curling the pipe cleaners around them to make springy coils just for fun when we discovered that those coils were kind of neat and looked a bit like flower leaves and flowers. We experimented with adding different colors and shapes of flowers to the tips of green pipe cleaners and eventually we had made enough for a bouquet. My son had the idea of putting them in a vase. He wanted to use real water, but I was able to get him to compromise when I showed him these water-colored glass bubble beads.

Original Idea Source: Our own idea!


5. Tie Dye Shirt

This was an idea we actually got from walking around the aisles of the craft and hobby store we visited to buy pipe cleaners and wood beads for the ninjas. We walked through the fabric dye and paint aisle and were drawn to the bright tie dye colors and patterns, so we bought a few dyes, a package of rubber bands, and a white t-shirt and went to town. It came out pretty well! I need to remember to buy some more rubber gloves the next time we do this, though. We had one old pair of kitchen gloves and I let my son wear those since he was doing the heavy dying. However, I got some dye on my fingers and it didn’t come off for a while.

Original Idea Source: Our own (and the local craft store’s)

Oh, and justย ignore the chocolate pudding smudges around my son’s mouth. Another project we did was to make a chocolate pudding pie. Mmmmmm, was it good!

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