Evereve TRENDSEND Review – My First Box

Remember how I recently stumbled upon Evereve, a clothing store with fashionable clothes for moms?  (Missed it? You can read about it here.) While I was there they also told me about Trendsend, Evereve’s online styling service.


If you’ve been around Everyday Teacher Style for any time at all, you probably know I’m a huge fan of online and subscription-based styling services that send you stylish items to try at home and buy or send back depending on what you like. I currently use Stitch Fix (they send 5 items for you to try and you’re credited the $20 you paid if you purchase anything from your Fix; buy it all and you get a discount on the whole set) and Rocksbox (they send 3 designer jewelry items each month for your $19/month subscription fee; if you purchase any pieces you receive a $21 credit, and if you purchase all three you get a discount on the whole set — use promo code JENNYMBFF9 to try your first set for free!).


I’ve been considering trying Fabletics because I have a few friends who wear their workout items and they’re really cute. I’ve also been considering trying Wantable, particularly for their fitness wear styling service. Stay tuned and you’ll be the first to know if I try either!


Trendsend sounded really appealing to me because all you pay is a $1 fee (to confirm your payment card is active) and you are sent not 3-5 items, but three COMPLETE outfits! The price of the items is a little than you’d pay at Target, but not unlike that of many department or mall-based stores. They send you the same brand name items they carry in their stores, so a lot of the names will be familiar.


Today I’ll be reviewing my first Trendsend box! It came a few days ago and it was a busy time, so I didn’t have time to try anything on until today. Here are the three outfits I received:


Outfit 1

  • ALTERNATIVE – Cap Sleeve Crew ($38)
  • TOLANI – Palma Floral Kimono ($78)
  • LEVEL 99 – Relaxed Cargo ($112)

This outfit was SUPER cute and boho-casual. The kimono had a beautiful floral pattern in soft, but bright colors. The embroidered detail around the edges was a perfect touch. The tee was great – very soft and a bit drapey, just the way I like my tees. My favorite part about this look was these amazing cargo pants. They looked SO flattering on and had a hint of stretch so they were really comfortable, too. The only reason I didn’t buy them from my box is because when I looked online at the Evereve store, this weekend they happened to be $79 on sale (big difference from the $112). I am considering ordering them directly in a regular store order. I didn’t call the store to see if I could get the sale price on the ones in my box, but I’ll bet there’s a good chance they would have done that. Paula, my stylist, recommended wearing gladiator or staple sandals with this outfit and finishing it with a pendant necklace. I totally agree. I didn’t end up keeping any of these three pieces mainly because I already have similar items in my closet. I will totally admit that I like the ones in my Trendsend box better than the ones I own, though.


2. Outfit 2

  • HUDSON – Nico Midrise Skinny ($129.99)
  • SKIES ARE BLUE – Memphis Lace Top ($58)
  • OLIVE AND OAK – Drapey Vest ($58)

This was another outfit that I absolutely loved. Both this and the previous one look like “me.” Well, at least they look the way I picture my style. The jeans were on major discount — they were $165 online and only $129.99 in my box. They were crisp white and stretched like a dream, but they were a little long on me (and I already have a pair of white skinny jeans that I like). Okay, let’s talk about this top: so gorgeous! The peachy-cream color flattered my (medium-yellowish) skin tone perfectly. The lacework at the top was beautiful, and I loved that it was double-layered in the front so it wasn’t too sheer. It hit at hip length and had a great drapiness to it. I really, really wanted to buy this! The price wasn’t too bad at $58, but it was just something I didn’t need right now. Already regretting not keeping it….  Then the final item was this cute drapey olive vest. I already have an olive cargo vest, so I didn’t need this one, but it had wide flap-type edges in front that gave it a great shape, different from the more basic Target one I own.


3. Outfit 3

  • Z SUPPLY – Lace Up Camo Dress ($49)
  • JUDITH MARCH – #Momlife is the Best Life Cap ($38)

When I saw this casual camo dress, I knew right away I was going to keep it. I love things like this that I never would have chosen to try on in the store, but once I did, I didn’t want to take it off. I’ve always avoided lace-up front tops (even though they’ve been very popular this winter and spring) because they all seem pretty low-cut on me. This one is also low, but the way the laces are, it holds it closed toward the bottom so I still feel like I’ve got everything covered. Another great thing about this dress is that it has POCKETS! I’ll show you in some photos below where I’m wearing it. The hat was adorable, but I’m just not really a hat person. Looking at the hat together with the dress, though, it makes me think maybe I SHOULD be a hat person. I’ll work up to that someday.


Here are some shots of me in this cuuuute camo dress. I love how it looks with this Target distressed denim jacket. Paula suggested wearing it with a fashion sneaker and she was right again — I wore it with these slip-on Converse All Star Shorelines and it’s not only cute, but really comfortable, too. I will also be wearing this dress with espadrille wedges, lace-up sandals, and a few other pairs of my go-to fashion sneakers (black & white Nike Roche Ones, red Converse All Stars, and my white Adidas Superstars).



Fun! Trendsend was everything I love about Stitch Fix plus more: the styling fee was only $1 as compared to $20. I love that there is NO subscription fee. You can schedule Trendsend boxes once a month, every 2 months, or every 3 months. Plus, you can use Evereve reward coupon codes and gift cards toward the cost of any Trendsend purchases as well. I also love that you can exchange items for a different size, and you can return or exchange things at any Evereve store! All of these perks put Trendsend a little ahead of Stitch Fix in my book.


One slight downside is that they do not have a referral program (Stitch Fix gives you a $25 credit for any person you refer who receives their first Fix). On Trendsend’s FAQ about this, it said, “At this time, we do not have a referral program. However, we do hope to incorporate fun incentives in the future – stay tuned!” Cool, can’t wait! Who doesn’t love incentives? One other negative is that right now you can only opt to receive boxes every other month, every two months, and every three months.


All in all I really loved this experience and I will definitely be looking forward to my next Trendsend box! I signed up for the every other month subscription because for the time being I’m still going to receive Stitch Fixes every other month as well. And maybe try Wantable or Fabletics. Ooooh, and there is also this new little office supplies subscription box called Deskglam that I am really curious about (anyone tried it yet?). So many subscription box services, so little time! 🙂



  1. Gonna have to try this one out! I love all your outfits and agree that they did a great job nailing your style!

    • Thanks, Karin! I was really impressed with both the store and the online styling service. It’s probably a good thing (for my wallet) that I don’t live near enough to a retail location to go on a regular basis. At least I I’ll be able to pace myself a little with the styling subscription. 😀

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