What to Wear to Prom…Teacher Edition


Hey teacher fashionistas, I need some help! I am a prom sponsor and our prom is coming up soon. Like in a few days. I have two dresses picked out and I’m not sure which one to wear. Neither is new so cost isn’t a factor at all — yeah!

It’s raining cats and dogs and my house doesn’t have great natural light to snap photos of myself trying on these dresses, so instead I used older photos of me in both dresses. In all honesty, I’ll probably wear the same shoes with each dress as I am in the photos here. I do plan on mixing up my accessories, though. More on that in a bit.


Here are the contenders:

Option 1: Lana Red Dress with Espadrille Wedges

This dress is really bright and cute. It is a little shorter than something I would normally wear to school, but not so short that it’d inappropriate for prom. I won’t be sitting down all night — too many things to check and arrange — so the length should be fine. And there are no stairs at the venue. This dress has pretty sleeves that flare out at the ends and a “V” at the neckline in front and back (not too low). The downsides to this dress are that it isn’t stretchy (though not tight either, so it’s not too bad — just not as comfortable as a stretchy dress) and it is a bit shorter than the other one. See what you think.

This sweet dress is from Stay Fierce Boutique.  They have a ton of cute dresses and other items, and you can get 15% off of your entire order with promo code EVERYDAYTEACHERSTYLE. Check ’em out!

I’d probably accessorize this with a couple of gold rings and some cute large gold and turquoise tassel earrings (just got the ones below at Target for just $9.99!).


Option 2: Navy Lace Dress with Gold Cork Wedges

Okay, now this dress isn’t as bright and trendy, but it is more stretchy, a bit longer, and would probably be a little more comfortable to wear since I’ll be moving around a lot. I’m not eating (too much stress, too little time!), so I don’t need to worry about having room to expand in the stomach area, although both dresses are not form-fitting so despite the lack of stretch in the first one, either would be fine for that. I love the lace pattern and the deep navy color, and it looks great with either shiny or matte gold accessories. The downside to this dress is it’s a lot more plain and I think it makes me look a little dumpy around the waist and hips because the shape is straight (maybe I need a belt with it?). Here it is:

This dress is from Banana Republic (no longer available) and I actually wore it to prom four years ago when I was the 2013 prom sponsor. So I know it’s good to wear to proms. 🙂

I would probably accessorize this dress with the same matte gold and silver cuff bracelets I’m wearing in this photo along with some my Kendra Scott ‘Addie’ earrings I got from a Rocksbox awhile back (more about that here — and you can a month of Rocksbox free by signing up and entering promo code JENNYMBFF9).


So, help a teacher-girl out and let me know which dress would you wear to prom! Comments VERY appreciated! No joke, I only have a few days to decide….



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  1. I would definitely recommend the Navy lace one. I have chaperoned prom a number of times and I always feel like I fit the environment better with a more formal dress. The dark Navy has that formal feel! Cute! Have fun! The kids will be SO excited that you’re there!

    More to Mrs. E

    • Thanks, Virginia! I think I am leaning toward the navy one for the same reasons. Well, and also because it’s a little longer and stretchier, and ultimately, a little more comfortable. I am looking forward to being there — it’s been 4 years since I chaperoned a dance. 🙂

      • Comfy is good! Enjoy it! I was always nervous about chaperoning but then every year I had such a wonderful time! The kids were always so excited to see me there with them on their special night and, since I taught seniors, I always got a little sentimental looking at them “all grown up.” You’ll have such a great time! 🙂

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