Spring in Illinois — You Just Never Know…

Spring? Winter? Summer? Who knows! Temps in March, April, and May in Illinois can be crazy, swinging from mornings in the 20’s to afternoons in the 70’s and 80’s. My classroom at school is pretty susceptible to the temps as well. I have an upstairs classroom that can heat up pretty quickly, and because I’m on an end of the building near a door, it can also get pretty cold. This time of year you pretty much have to either wear layers or err on the more extreme side of the predicted temps on any given day.


This outfit is great for spring because it has long sleeves and jeans, but the sweater is lightweight and the sandals keep my tootsies cool. Best of both worlds on one of those cold-to-warm days.


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I really love stripes as a base for mixing patterns. It hadn’t previously occurred to me to put together navy and white stripes and black/tan leopard patterns, but both stripes and neutrals have become so ubiquitous lately they’re practically neutral themselves! With this look I followed the big-and-little rule for pattern mixing (when mixing two different patterns, it works well if one pattern is larger scale and one is smaller scale). When the pattern scales are complimentary and there isn’t anything else competing for attention, it really doesn’t even matter what the colors are.

Give it a try if you haven’t before — it’s really hard to mess this rule up because it seems to work so well.


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