Prom Dresses — Teacher Edition

Remember last week when I asked for advice on what I should wear to a high school prom (I was one of the sponsors in charge)?

Well these were the two dresses I was debating between:

I ended up deciding not to wear either! The bright one was gorgeous, but it was a bit short (for a chaperone, in my opinion) and I didn’t have any dressy shoes to wear with it. The navy one was also gorgeous, but I’ve lost weight since the photo above (taken about a year ago) and the dress kind of hangs on me a little now: not super-flattering. So what’s a teacher to do?


Go shopping! The problem is I waited until the night before prom to start shopping, which severely limited my options. Due to the fact that I didn’t get out of the house until well after 7pm, I was pretty much limited to Kohl’s, Gordman’s, Target, and Ross Dress for Less. I hit all four stores and ended up finding a cute, comfortable, colorful dress at Ross for just $13.99.

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I know the shoes aren’t 100% dressy, but I have trouble with achy feet and toes, so I’ve really cut down on wearing heels that have too steep of a grade change between the heel and toe lately. These heels were only 2.25″, and if it weren’t for the cork making them look a little less dressy, they’d have been perfect. Close enough at 8:30 the night before prom!

The dress is a halter style, which I had never worn before. It was comfortable and I didn’t have to worry about it coming down too far in front due to the…uh…halter.


I really liked the color of the stripes in the dress! The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it was very, very thin and a bit sheer. I wore it with a slip to eliminate any worries of a “silhouette” situation that could occur with the DJ’s spotlights at the dance.


And can we talk about these earrings? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I have been wanting a pair like this but haven’t found any for under $30. Enter Charming Charlie: they have both the style I’m wearing and the kind that go from a smaller bead on top to gradually bigger ones on the way down for between $10 – $12! I bought both types you see below, but I ended up keeping the smaller ones because they were a lot lighter. I can’t stand earrings that pull down on my ear lobes. Ouch.

Charming Charlie: The Austin small

Charming Charlie: The Austin, large










I do think the larger earrings matched my dress a bit better since they were all one color, but they were just too heavy. Charming Charlie has both of these Austin earrings in tons of colors! I especially love the ones with black and white stripes. May just have to go back and pick up another pair.

All in all, this dress would probably not have been my first choice had I had more time to shop around both locally and online. However, it fit the bill for my prom, and at $13, it definitely fit my wallet.


I can see dressing this dress down more in the summer or even wearing it with casual sneakers or sandals and a denim jacket. Can’t wait to try it out a few different ways!


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