Chambray + Black: a No-Fail Combo

Ever have those days when you can’t stop to breathe, let alone think about what you’re going to wear? Yeah, pretty sure we all have those. I try to have a game plan for what I’m going to wear the next day based on what I have to do (school, errands, working out, heading to a kids’ sports event — indoor or outdoor?, cleaning). That’s kind of sad that I was able to sum up pretty much all of my activities in a single parenthetical expression….but that’s a topic for another day. πŸ˜€


But sometimes I don’t have an outfit in mind and then I’m trying to race around and get everything and everyone out the door in the morning, and when this happens, I always know I can fall back on the old standby of chambray and black, like this:

It looks great with some pretty gold (or alternately, bright red, coral, or yellow) accessories and simple sandals every single time. I guess it’s a take on the Canadian Tuxedo, but without the denim on the bottom this time (I wore inky black jeggings).

I linked all of the original items (except the chambray top from Old Navy because it’s no longer available) below. The pants I’m wearing are the Liverpool Madonna jegging and my shoes are the Mossimo ones, from Target. The bracelets I’m wearing are from Baublebar and I couldn’t find the exact ones, but the ones I linked are visually similar.

This was such a comfortable, easy look and every time I wear chambray and black I get a lot of compliments. Love it that it requires zero effort and thought and reaps so much cred.

The only thing thing I don’t like about this particular chambray top is that it has a big split in the back. It’s actually slit kind of high, so I have to make sure to wear pants that don’t ride down at all — and pants that I don’t mind my backside showing (e.g., I wouldn’t wear this top with leggings if I were teaching…). But it’s great as long as I’m careful about the pants I wear.


The chambray tops I linked above don’t have that split in the back, so they’re better than the one I own.

Long story short, if ever in need, think chambray and black!

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