Review of 19th Rocksbox Set + Promo Code!

Woohoo, two subscription box posts in one week! This time it’s my 19th Rocksbox set.

Spoiler alert: some of the items in this Rocksbox set became members of my permanent collection. And without further adieu, here’s my 19th Rocksbox set!


1. Kendra Scott ‘Oliver’ Necklace in Gold Iridescent Drusy (Member’s Price $75)

I still haven’t stopped ooohing and aahhingย over this exquisite necklace. The length is perfect when you want something medium in length–not too long and not too short, although strictly speaking, you can double-loop it if you did want it to be shorter. And the drusy….so pretty! It’s very understated so it does make a statement, but it doesn’t steal the show. I totally bought this out of my set.


2. Slate ‘Hunter’ Stone Studs (Member’s Price $40)

These were very cute, but since the posts of these studs were located right in the middle of the earrings, they came up too high on my (teeny tiny) earlobes. Plus, they blocked my second studs completely. They would be great on someone with normal larger earlobes, but just didn’t work for me.


3. Kendra Scott ‘Kensey’ Adjustable Rings in Gold with Pave (Member’s Price $80)

When I first saw these I thought they were pretty, but I really didn’t think I’d wear them at all. WRONG. So wrong, indeed. I wore the larger ring in this set on my thumb and the smaller one on the topmost knuckle of my middle finger. The classic gold filigree is so pretty, and the size of these rings and the fact that they are a set give them a modern edge. I bought this set and then promptly lost the smaller ring. Luckily, one of my sons found it, or stepped on it actually. No harm, no foul, and this beauty is back where it belongs.


This set was a real winner! The Rocksbox stylists are getting really good at nailing down my style.

What’s Rocksbox?

If you’re new to Rocksbox, it is a monthly jewelry subscription box that sends you three stylish pieces of designer jewelry at a time. You can wear them as long as you like, buy any or all of the pieces, and/or return the whole set and swap it out for a new one. The cost is a flat $19 per month and includes unlimited swaps plus shipping and handling. What’s more, if you do want to purchase something, you get $21 in “Shine Credit” each month to put toward your purchase, and if you decide to buy all three items in a set, you get another $10 off. The prices are very competitive, and when you factor in the credits, it’s a great deal if you do decide to purchase something you “can’t live without,” as they put it.


Did someone say “Promo Code”?

Yup, that was me. If you sign up for Rocksbox using promo code EVERYDAYJENXOXO, you can get your first month totally free! It’s a lot of fun and I like that I get to wear new and different jewelry (for me that usually involves lots of Kendra Scott!) and not clutter up your jewelry box. Give it a try!


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