Pulling the rug out from beneath us

I have been looking for a new rug for our living room for about three years now. It all started when we got a new puppy and she chewed the corners of the navy blue Aztec-print Ikea area rug in our living room….


So flash forward to a few weeks ago when I RugsUSA.com had 25% off of sale prices over Memorial Day weekend. I had been wanting a Chindi style area rug for years and had never been able to find one that was big enough — or affordable enough. Truth be told, I wanted one exactly like this one that I currently have in my bathroom (below). This cute rug was left in a closet when we moved into our house almost 19 years ago.


So this is the new 7’6″ x 9’6″ rug I picked out from Rugsusa.com:

It’s a Chindi style braided rag rug made by NuLoom and you can get it for $194 from Rugsusa.com. The rug can be found elsewhere online for anywhere from $200 – $400, but I got it for just $124 that day because it was on sale and I got the additional 25% off. Great deal, and I thought it would be just what I was looking for. I loved that it had bright colors and also incorporated some pinks and reds because I was looking to incorporate a bit more warmth and color into my living room.


When it came, it was exactly as described and pictured at Rugsusa.com. I rolled it out and this is what it looked like from a variety of angles.

As you can see from the photos, in my living room which gets a lot of sun and has a lot of wood colors and a caramel leather sofa, the orange in the rug really becomes prominent. I do like the rug, and it’s really soft and cushiony to walk and sit on, but I think I was after something with more whites, blues, and reds like the one in my bathroom. This one just brings a little too much “heat” to my living room — so much so that you don’t notice any of the artwork or accessories. Not really what I was hoping for.


So after stewing about it for several weeks, I ended up getting a new rug (two, actually — they didn’t have a 10 x 7 size so I picked up two 5 x 7 sized rugs instead) at Target. I got an email this morning about there being an additional 15% off of sale priced rugs online, so I logged on and found a couple that intrigued me.

First, this Threshold Over-dyed Area Rug in Turquoise  caught my eye:

I actually had added it to my online shopping cart on my phone because it was not marked down in the store. It was listed at $172 in the store, but online it was $124 and I’d get an additional 15% off. Great deal, and since I had to get two, it would be around $250 in all instead of a lot more.


So like I said, I had wrangled the two Overdyed Area Rugs into my shopping cart and was wheeling down the rug aisle toward checkout when something caught in my peripheral vision. It was this beauty, the Threshold Stripe Woven Area Rug:

I had missed it online because looking at this store picture (above), it doesn’t look that exciting. In real life, though, it looks more Aztec/Native American style and a little more rustic and natural, and less “styled,” if you know what I mean.


Even better, this Stripe Woven rug was on sale for $95 — and that was before the extra 15% off! I did still need to buy two of these since the biggest size they had was 5 x 7.



So here’s how the blue rug looks (technically I should say “rugs look…”) in my living room.

Don’t they look great? I’m much more comfortable with these rugs than with the bright Chindi. I am still keeping the Chindi, though — I have future plans for it either in the basement playroom or maybe in a bedroom. Have to think on that for a while, so for now I’ve rolled it up, put packing tape on it to hold it together, and chucked it into a closet for safekeeping.


The only bad thing about the two blue Target rugs is that one is ever-so slightly smaller than the other. Check out these detail photos and you’ll see what I mean.

See in the middle area how the sizes don’t match up? I even tried flip-flopping the rugs onto different edges in case it was just that way on one side, but no dice.

And in addition to the measurements being slightly off in one of the rugs, the edges are slightly wavy as you can see in the photo below, so they don’t “close up” perfectly along the seams between the two rugs.

But, luckily, I’m not that much of a perfectionist. Plus, only one of my boys even noticed without being prompted that I had swapped the blue rug for the bright Chindi, so you know they won’t notice the differences.


All in all, even though I like both of the rugs, I think the navy rug just fits a little better with the look I want in the living room. Plus, it’s a bit calmer and cooler, which is always a good thing in the living room in my opinion.


Here are the two rugs side by side:

Future plans for this room include swapping out the olive khaki couch for something different, probably swapping out the coffee table trunk (it’s a bit “heavy” for the look I want, which I would describe as rustic-midcentury-beach house I guess?), and either replacing the carpet or — if we can swing it financially — extending the wood flooring that covers most of the rest of the main floor out to the living room area. We have an open concept floor plan, but it’s divided into wood and carpeted areas unfortunately. I would love to paint all of the trim in the house white, too, but that would be a really big job since the wood trim goes throughout the entire place.


I already have money saved up for a new couch, but I’m really at a loss as to what color it should be. I love the look of denim-blue velvet couches, but I don’t think that fits with the vibe I’ve got going on. Maybe a white slipcovered couch? I want to get away from microsuede. Yes, it’s durable and easy to spot clean, but I’ve never liked the way it leaves the outline of your…ahem…hindquarters imprinted where you sat once you stand up. It’s like those pin sculptures where you smoosh your hand (or face!)  into the pins and then on the other side you see the impression you made.


I don’t have much of an eye for home decor…. What type of couch would you see fitting in to this living room?

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  1. The rug looks great! I recently added a new rug to my living room and it started to snowball, with new pillows, bench, & accent wall, but it was overdue. Rugs.com was one of the sites I used & has a great selection. For your coffee table, you could try chalk painting it a whitewash or even pale teal or light blue to lighten it.

    • Oh my gosh, I love the idea of painting the coffee table, Karin! It’s so old and beaten up I had been thinking about getting rid of it for something lighter — don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to paint it. That is now on my list. I’ve never used chalk paint before, have you? I’ve heard good things about it and I think this coffee table would be a great first chalk paint project. And I know what you mean about the snowballing….guess that’s why no room in the house ever feels “done.” With every tweak I make it leads to another….it’s fun, though. 🙂

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