Stitch Fix #33: BEST. FIX. EVER.

It’s Stitch Fix time! And today the Fix I’m featuring isn’t just any fix…it is THE Fix. Needless to say, my streak of never having purchased all of the items in one Fix are gone. Never to be seen again. Kaput. This Fix knocked my socks off! And because all of the items were just that amazing, I went ahead and included photos of me wearing the pieces rather than just flatlays like I usually include. I thought the “worn” photos captured the features and details just a bit better this time.


1. Papermoon ‘Maula’ Cap Sleeve Knit Top ($48)

This top was sized up to a medium to make it a little extra blousy. The material was kind of a crinkly, stretchy stuff that draped well and was also kind of gauzy. I love anything navy, and this was a deep, rich navy with a crisp white print. The sleeves were more than a tank, but less than cap sleeve, in my opinion. Kind of more like a muscle shirt? Anyway, this top will be great with dressier pants and skirts and also casual jeans and shorts.

Verdict: Kept it


2. Kut From The Kloth ‘Lela’ Released Hem Skinny Pant ($78)

These pants aren’t really jeans: they’re thinner and stretchier. I think they are probably supposed to be ankle length or cropped, but when I have them unrolled at the bottom they hit at the bottom of my ankles and top of my feet, so I had to give them one roll up. They have an unfinished hem, so I am thinking maybe I can cut them a little shorter so I don’t have to roll them? Need to Google that one first…. If any of you have experience cutting the bottom of “unfinished” hem pants, I’d love to hear about it. Are they REALLY unfinished or are there stitches in there somewhere that I shouldn’t go chopping off? Anyway, back to these pants. They have patch pockets in the back and front. I was a little nervous about the large rectangular pockets in the front of these very slim-cut pants, but they don’t widen my upper thigh area too much more than regular white jeans or pants do, so it’s all good. They’re in my regular size 8 and fit true to size. They are really, really comfortable and the longer I wore them, the better they felt. These white pants are the same ones I wore in all of today’s Stitch Fix post photos.

Verdict: Kept them


3. 41Hawthorn ‘Breyson’ Pleated Detail Blouse ($58)

The bright red-coral color in this top is so, so cheerful! And I love that the floral print isn’t too busy: this way it doesn’t detract from the way these gorgeous colors are working together. This is another top that can easily be dressed up or down, and I know it’ll look great with a black blazer if I want to make it more business-y. It’s such a no-brainer in any style situation! I knew I was going to get this one before I even tried it on. It’s a size small and fits like a glove.

Verdict: Kept it


4. Renee C ‘Sydnie’ Shirt Dress ($68)

This dress! I didn’t think I’d like it that much because curved-bottom hem dresses don’t usually flatter my…ahem…ample knees. Plus, I thought the notched collar around the neck was kind of a strange choice for a regular v-neck dress. But then I tried it on: wow! I think because of the darker navy area at the bottom of the hemline, my gigantic bulbous knees weren’t on display too much. And, the notched collar isn’t really all that noticeable. Another downside that I thought was going to be a problem was the deep v-neck: you know I like to be able to move and bend without worrying about flashing anything. Turns out the deeper v-neck was fine because it lies so closely against the chest (no gapping). It’s in my regular size M for dresses and fits great. The pattern was beautiful and the dress itself feels breezy and moves in a pretty way when you walk. I also really like how it looks with a jacket (see below).

Verdict: Kept it


5. Tinsel ‘Emmaline’ Embroidered Denim Jacket ($58)

Last up is this denim jacket. When I opened the box I immediately moved this to the side because I already have a denim jacket that I like (mine’s cropped, a little distressed, and slightly darker than this one). When I was trying on the Renee C dress, I wanted to see what a denim jacket looked like with it and didn’t want to run upstairs to my closet to grab mine, so I slipped this one on. What I hadn’t seen before is that there is a little bit of embroidery over the left shoulder! This jacket was stretchy and easy to wear over other things, and the embroidery gave it a little something special. It’s a regular (not cropped) length. It’s a size M and feels true to size. I was surprised at how much I liked this jacket! Don’t know if the embroidery trend that’s so hot right now will continue into fall and winter, but I sure hope it does because this jacket’s not getting sent back to Stitch Fix. πŸ™‚

Verdict: Kept it


So that’s it! I kept all five items for the fist time in the history of my subscribing to Stitch Fix (about 4 years now, I think!). With the back credit of my $20 styling fee and the 25% discount for buying all five items, my total came to $212.50. It’s definitely more than I had planned on spending, but I can wear all five of these items this summer and beyond. All of the items are overwhelmingly teach-worthy: they look great and I can move around and be comfortable in all of them. Plus, all of them will be great for just about any situation, from uber casual to dressy.


What’s Stitch Fix?

If you’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, it is a clothing subscription box service. You fill out a detailed style, size, and lifestyle questionnaire and pay a $20 styling fee and a Stitch Fix stylist sends you five items to try. They send clothes, accessories, and shoes, and you can leave your stylist a note if there are certain things you’re looking for or if you have a special occasion coming up and need something to wear. When your box arrives, you have a few days to try on the items they sent and decide if you want to keep any of them. If you do, the $20 styling fee is credited back against the cost of the item. Anything you don’t want you just put back into the postage-paid bag and drop it into the mailbox. Boom, done.


You can decide how frequently you want to receive boxes. Sometimes I get them once a month, sometimes more frequently (e.g., I will sometimes request one sooner if I need something to wear to a special event), and there have also been times when I’ve slowed down the pace to once every other month. You can also sign up to receive just one Fix and that’s it. Your choice, and you can change it at any time.


Over the four years I’ve been a Stitch Fix subscriber, I have really enjoyed trying on different types and styles of clothes. I love it when they surprise me with something I would have never picked off of a clothes rack at a store, but that ends up looking great. I have to give Stitch Fix credit for really helping me define my style and know what looks good on me. If you type in Stitch Fix on Pinterest, you can see some of the many beautiful items others have received.


If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend giving it a go. You can sign up here or by clicking any of the Stitch Fix ads or links on this post. And if you do, post what you got so others can see! You can request specific items you see out of others’ Fixes, and I love getting ideas from other people’s Fixes.


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