Rocksbox Review: My 20th Set!


Time for another Rocksbox review! This one was another definite hit and all three of the pieces were slightly lower in price than usual to buy: very enticing.


1. Perry Street ‘Ashton’ Statement Earrings in Pop Pink (Member’s Price $54)

Okay, $54 is quite a bit to pay for earrings — at least in my world — but I’ve been hunting for some bright red, coral, or pink earrings for quite some time now. Most of what’s out there seems to currently be in the blues and turquoise range. Don’t get me wrong: I do love my blues; but the only thing I’ve been able to find in the red range is either tassel earrings or the cute ball drop earrings. Those are great, but I wanted a pair that was a little less trendy so (hopefully) I’ll still be wearing them when the tassel and pom pom/sphere earring trends die down. Well here they are, and here they’ll stay because I ended up keeping these.


2. Jill Michael Delicate Bar Necklace in Gold (Member’s Price $34)

I feel like I’m one of the last people to get a bar necklace. They’ve been around for quite some time, and lots of people have ones with special names or dates engraved upon them. This one isn’t engraved, but it does have a smooth, shiny side and a textured side. I like that it’s simple, elegant, and very neutral. It’s perfect for layering and it’s perfect alone. I ended up keeping this beauty as well. Below are detail shots of both sides of the bar pendant. I actually kind of like the textured side a little better, but I’ve worn it both ways.



3. A.V.Max Small Circle Earrings in Gold (Member’s Price $22)

What can I say about these except that they are perfect, perfect, perfect. I have been wearing these several days a week with both casual and more dressy styles. These earrings let the clothes make the statement. They’re comfortable and look great with just about any kind of necklace, from delicate gold chains to more bold statement pieces. Definitely had to make these a part of my collection as well.


So, yeah, I bought the whole set. Not great timing since I recently bought an entire Stitch Fix set, but all of these pieces are ones that are not at risk of falling out of style anytime soon.



Have you heard of Rocksbox? If you’ve been hanging out with me at Everyday Teacher Style for any time at all I know you’ve already heard of it, but if it’s new to you, here’s the 411.


Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service that sends you three pieces of designer jewelry in a box. You pay a $21 per month subscription fee, and for that you get to swap out your jewelry items as frequently (or infrequently) as you like. If you want to buy any of the items from your set (or all of them, as I did this time!), you can purchase them at the discounted “Member’s Price,” plus you can apply your $21 monthly subscription fee to the price of the jewelry. If you buy all three pieces, you get another $10 off of the price. Not a bad deal!


Most of the time I return the whole set, but sometimes I’ll keep one item. This is the second time I’ve purchased an entire set. To me, one of the benefits of Rocksbox is getting to try out different types of jewelry and wearing them for a while and then getting to trade them for something fresh and new. This way, your jewelry box doesn’t get too full and you always have different jewels to wear.


Try Rocksbox for Free!

If you’d like to give Rocksbox a try, click to register for an account and enter promo code EVERYDAYJENXOXO. You’ll get your first month free! Give it a try and share what you received. I love seeing what other people received in their boxes and often add those same items to my own wish list.





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