Prana Kadri Pant

Do you get the Prana yoga and fitness wear catalogs in the mail? They have beautiful styles for just about any indoor or outdoor fitness endeavor, and what’s more, they strive to be responsible in terms of energy efficiency, recycling, and selling clothes made from sustainable materials. They also partner with companies who “adhere to strict guidelines for safety and efficacy.”


On to the pants! As I’ve mentioned before, I have tried a lot of different pairs of joggers and haven’t been able to find any that are flattering. While these Kadri pants from Prana aren’t technically joggers (I’d probably call them something more like “hikers”), they are exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • Pants:Β Prana Kadri Pant ($89)
  • Sandals:Β Birkenstock Arizona ($99)
  • Tee:Β Target Merona Softest Scoop Tee ($8)

They have pockets galore, and they’re all GOOD pockets. You know the kind I mean: the ones that you can actually fit your entire hand into (even those of us with ginormous hands!), and the kind that can hold a phone, cash, keys, or whatever else you need them to, securely.



Best of all, they can really move with you! These are cute enough to teach in, comfy enough to run errands in, and believe it or not, they are tough and flexible enough to wear out on a hike in the woods. I guess what that means is whatever you need to do, you can do it in these pants: and feel comfortable and stylish while doing it.


They’re cut perfectly: cropped at the bottom (although you can’t tell on me because I have such short legs), mid-to-slightly-below at the waist, and slim through the legs but with a little room. I realize I just made two contradictory statements, but they do LOOK slim and FEEL roomy: my favorite type of contradiction. You can wear the elastic ankle cuffs low or high for a more “joggery” look.



These pants are my first Prana purchase, and I can honestly say I am impressed with the quality, fit, and feel. The price was a bit higher than I usually like to pay for pants ($89), but for the quality, fit, and feel, I think it was worth it.


The color of my pants is called “coal,” and they also come in cargo green (see below). I’m seriously considering picking up a pair in that color, too. I mean these are pants that have the potential to make it through a zombie apocalypse and look great doing it, so win-win.


Now, who’s up for a hike? Or a Target run? Either way, I’m all set.


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