Red, White, & Blue Style

Every year when the 4th of July rolls around I discover that I don’t have a lot of patriotic clothes. I have red, white, and blue pieces, but most of them are patterned or textured in ways that take the emphasis off of their red, white, and/or blueness. Believe it or not, I don’t even own a flag tee! Β This year I decided to change that (the lack of patriotic style, not the lack of a flag tee).



This tee runs true to size (I’m wearing a medium) and it’s a beautiful color of red with a hint of coral and a slight heather.



And I don’t know if you can see my earrings well in this photo, but they’re Target Sugarfix Triad Ball Drop earrings in cobalt. They’re lightweight, so no worries about the dreaded earlobe droop.



Here’s a closer look at those earrings:


Because it almost always starts getting a little chilly when the sun goes down, I plan on bringing this striped cardigan to stay cozy for fireworks viewing.


I’ve been seeing a lot of these striped cardis lately, and there most of them are pretty affordable. I’ve linked my actual cardi below (Forever 21) as well as a couple of similar ones. This sweater is on the heavier side, so it’ll be great all year round. It isn’t what I’d call a “light” summer cardi, but the Old Navy one I linked is more lightweight.



This tee is also really cute with white shorts! It’s from Mindy Mae’s Market, which is a fun and trendy boutique with great prices. I’ll be wearing it with either distressed jeans or a pair of white jeans on Labor Day and Memorial Day too, I’m sure. It’s a keeper, and I didn’t have to go full-on flag tee to be patriotic this year. Score!




    • Thanks, Stacey! And yep, that’s exactly what I usually do, too. At least now I can pull out this same tee (at the last minute) for the next several Independence Days. πŸ™‚

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