Cobalt Blue Pants

Hello, bright blue pants! I would be lying if I said I hadn’t worn blue pants before: I had a a couple of pairs of pleated hand-me-down powder blue corduroys back in junior high. Pastels and pleats were huge in the early 80s. If you’re older than 35, you might know what I’m talking about. These blue babies came from a recent Stitch Fix (read all about them here), but you can find similar pants here and there online and in stores.

Outfit Details:

These Target sandals are really comfortable! I can wear them all day to teach or even run errands, which is kind of amazing for shoes with any sort of heel. If you get them, you may want to size down: I went up between half-sizes and they’re pretty loose on me.


And this necklace is one of those old bubble-style necklaces that were big about 10 years ago. I hung onto this one and still pull it out occasionally because I love the bright, bold yellow color of it.



I wish I would have sized down on the pants, too, because they’re pretty loose everywhere. Stitch Fix does exchanges now, so I could have, but they were close enough and I had plans to wear them a few days after I got them, so I just kept these. Technically they are supposed to be ankle length, but as usual my abnormally short and stumpy legs require me to roll up the bottoms. But, they’re super-comfortable being a little baggy — almost like sweatpants. Ahhhh, sweatpants.


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  1. Love these! I just ordered the cobalt blue chinos from JCPenny! Can’t wait to get them and add them to my back to school stack. Already? Gah! Love your posts.

    • Awesome! Cobalt blue just seems so bright and cheery. Agreed that summer is flying along waaaay too fast. I love your website too, by the way! Great outfit ideas and I love your style.

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