Moms wear many hats . . . they might as well be cute!

You guys, I’m so excited to share this new Judith March “Walkin’ on Sunshine” hat from Evereve! As you know, I’m new to the Evereve store, but after my first visit to a St. Louis area Evereve store and meeting their fabulous stylists Paula and Angela (read all about it here), and after having received my second Evereve Trendsend box (Evereve’s amazing new subscription box styling service: read about my first and second Trendsend boxes), I think I can consider myself one impressed customer. More on the Evereve stores at the bottom in case you’re new to them like I was.


Well, the company that I find so inspiring and awesome has just impressed me again. Evereve reached out to me to let me know that they appreciated me sharing my positive experiences with my followers and that they would like to send me one of their new and completely adorable Judith March hats! How about that?


The hat arrived and from the moment it arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning, it went with me. I got so many compliments from people I saw at the grocery store, a swim meet, and get this — two of my three sons said they really liked my hat….without my asking them for their opinion! Whoa, that’s saying something if you know my boys. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Many thanks to Evereve for this cute hat! And like one of their other hats, I am “thankful & grateful.”



The story behind the Judith March line of hats carried at Evereve is kind of neat, too. The founder, Stephanie Carter Campbell, was just 21 years old when she started her own fashion label after selling her car and using the $4000 as start-up money. Her line, Judith March, featuring Stephanieโ€™s sense of easy, southern style with a bohemian sensibility, can now be found in boutiques all across the country. Yet another example of a woman who believed enough in her idea to make it happen. Love it!


Here’s how I plan on wearing it next:


I can also see wearing it with everything from a cute, casual summer dress to leggings and a long cardi this fall. So many possibilities!



It’s a snapback style, so it’s perfect for bad-hair-day solutions. And you can’t see this from the photos I’ve shown so far, but the underside of the bill is this great farmer green color, which I think just gives it a little something extra.



These hats!

So, back to the hats. There are five different styles to choose from. I loved the “Walking on Sunshine” hat. (A), I love that it is so positive and happy! and (B), I really liked the colors. The hats all have a vintage American vibe, complete with distressing, and feature fun sayings that are totes applicable to moms, myself included. Check them out:


After the Walkin’ on Sunshine hat, my next favorite is the Thankful & Grateful hat. It was really hard deciding between the two. Actually, I love all five of them!

So, what’s Evereve, you ask?

The whole idea behind Evereve is to help moms see themselves as more beautiful and powerful. In fact, they were founded by Megan Tamte, a new mom who went to the mall one day with her 6-week-old baby in tow, only to be discouraged by tiny aisles, a big stroller, a crying baby, and sales associates who didn’t know how to help. She went home empty-handed. This experience inspired her to create a boutique that made fashion more accessible to moms, both in terms of the store space itself and also by having stylists who understood moms’ body types, lifestyles, and unique needs. How cool is that? Very cool, Megs; very cool.


If you’re a mom who wants more options for fashionable clothes that fit your lifestyle, then it’s definitely worth your time to check out Evereve, online or at one of their store locations. Most of their clothes would work well in the classroom for teachers, too, at least according to my school district’s teacher dress expectations. Makes sense if you think about it. Teachers, like moms, work with kids all day and therefore have to be able to move around, be flexible, and occasionally get messy or sweaty.


Oh, and if you don’t live near an Evereve store location (I’m several hours away from the nearest one unfortunately), they even have a personal styling service called Trendsend. If you sign up for Evereve Trendsend, they’ll send you several outfits to try at home. You keep what you like and send back the rest. I’ve tried it twice now (read about my first and second Trendsend boxes) and it’s so fun! The Trendsend stylists use a questionnaire to pinpoint your style and preferences, but you can also make requests if there’s something in particular you’d like to see. Best yet, all of this happens for just a $1 styling fee! Yep, I’d jump on Trendsend right now if I were you. Actually I already did. ๐Ÿ™‚



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