Rocksbox Review — My 22nd Set + Code for One Free Month!

This latest Rocksbox set is another with perfect summer jewels, not to mention a few of my favorite girls (Kendra and Kate!).


1. Kendra Scott ‘Debra’ Choker in Gold (Member’s Price $75)

This necklace was that great light, bright Kendra-esque gold. The faceted sparklies in it were sort of clear and iridescent. It had an adjustable sliding closure and dainty crystal details along the chain. It can be worn as a layering piece or tightened up as a choker for an edgier look.


Here’s a (somewhat blurry – sorry) close-up of the crystals along the front edge.




2. Sophie Harper Layered Gold Disc Choker (Member’s Price $49)

At first I didn’t see myself wearing this choker. It struck me as having a gypsy or belly dancer-type vibe, which isn’t something I typically sport. But, when I put it on, I ended up really liking it, enough to keep it! It has a multi-strand, layered look while still being a choker. Speaking of chokers, either I have a huge neck or this necklace is a little on the short side because I have to wear it all the out on the last link to get it closed and not feel like I’m, uh, choking. But, once on, I love it. It doesn’t twist around much so all of the layers stay in their places, and the little gold discs give it some sparkle.


Here it is spread out:




3. Kate Spade ‘Building Blocks’ Linear Earrings in Turquoise (Member’s Price $48)

In my last Rocksbox set I received these same earrings in white. I actually requested the turquoise pair as well because I knew I’d love them. These earrings also come in red, which I’d also love to have, so I need to check back in the Rocksbox inventory to see if they offer the red in their sets. I love being able to try out jewelry before I decide to buy it! (Just one of the huge perks of signing up for Rocksbox — I’ve got a promo code for you below if you want to try it!) Anyway, back to these pretty earrings. The bright turquoise color is so fun, and even though I am loving pom pom, tassel, and drop ball earrings right now, I know that those trends will eventually pass. These earrings are classic enough that they won’t be going out of style any time soon. Definitely keepers!


All in all I’d say this Rocksbox set was another winner. I’ve been wearing all three items quite a bit and they all mesh well with my style and existing jewelry. I did end up purchasing the choker and these turquoise Kate Spade earrings.




Rocksbox Promo Code: EVERYDAYJENXOXO

Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription box service that sends you three gorgeous pieces of designer jewelry for a $21 monthly subscription fee. You can wear them as long as you like and then buy one (or all) of the items or send them all back for a different set. Shipping both ways is free, and you can swap out sets as often as you like. Sometimes I keep a set for just a few weeks and other times, like with this current set, I keep them for a month or more. I love the freedom of switching out for fresh pieces and not cluttering up my jewelry storage drawer. If you’d like to try it, enter promo code EVERYDAYJENXOXO when you register at and you’ll get your first month totally free! I have really enjoyed Rocksboxing over the past few years and I think you would love it, too.




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