Stitch Fix Review #34 — Not My Favorite

My latest Stitch Fix was a bit of a letdown, but it turned out to be a really good thing. We all know August is full of expenses: back to school clothes, shoes, and school supplies have to be bought; school book rental and registration fees have to be paid; lunch accounts need to be filled up; sports participation fees are due; and we won’t even talk about all of the equipment needed for the sports themselves…. So when my latest Stitch Fix came last week I was a little afraid to open the box: what untold gorgeous little treasures would be lurking in there to bring my bank account balance down even further?


Luckily, nothing! This fix was kind of…meh. Cute stuff, but nothing that knocked my socks off. Take a look.


1. Honey Punch “Luke” Tassel Detail Knit Top ($34)

This top was cute, and I did like the bright braided tassel trim around the neckline, but it’s really just a basic tank. Plus, the keyhole in front was a little wide and low, enough to make me feel like I would have to safety pin it closed a little if I were going to wear it. Plus, I felt the price was a bit high for a simple tank that I could get at Target or Kohls for probably $15-$20.

Verdict: Sent it back


2. Liverpool “Sheila” Cargo Skinny Pant in Olive ($88)

I am a huge fan of Liverpool pants and jeans. They fit us, uh, curvier people really well. They tend to run long on me, but not longer than any other pants do (thanks to my abnormally stumpy, short legs….long exasperated sigh…). I liked the front patch pockets and the cargo style detailing in a skinny jean, and the stretch and fit were superb. If I didn’t already have a pair of Kut from the Kloth olive cargo skinny pants I’d have kept these. In fact, I wish I could have sent Stitch Fix the pair I currently own because they’re a size too large now and these Liverpool jeans fit like a glove.

Verdict: Sent them back

3. Laila Jayde “Molli” Hooded Open Cardigan ($58)

I have never been a fan of hoods. Even when hoodies were so huge people were expected to wear them day in and day out, and hoods were attached to flannel shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, and everything else, I didn’t like them. They make my hair bunch up in the back! How can anyone with medium to longer hair stand them? I know, I know, people do…but I just don’t like hoods or hoodies. So when I saw that this cute cardigan had a hood, it was a bit of a bummer. But not too much of a bummer because I already have a neutral long cardigan. Plus, the color is supposed to be “light grey,” but it had a bit of mauve-y pink in it that reminded me too much of 1980s office upholstery. Nope, don’t want to bring that around with me everywhere I go. Aside from the hood and the color, the sweater was very comfortable and soft, though.

Verdict: Sent it back


4. Kaileigh “Aretha” Crochet Pocket Knit Top ($36)

I’ve never been a fan of dusty pastels. They look fabulous on some people, but on me they just look dirty and dingy, like I’ve had them for a long time and the color has faded and they just can’t get as clean as they should in the laundry. Even worse, dusty pastels make my skin tone look dull and dingy. Anyway, other than the dusty pastels, this was an okay tank. The floral pattern was pretty, as was the pocket with crochet detailing. It was a bit over the “Little House on the Prairie” line for my taste, but not terrible. Just okay. It actually looked pretty cute with the jean shorts.

Verdict: Sent it back


5. Just USA “Clara” Distressed Fray Hem Short

These shorts were super-cute! They had great distressing (not too holey, not too little), fit perfectly, and had just the right amount of stretch. Plus, they were NOT too short. I think they are probably in the 4- to 5-inch range — didn’t measure them, though. So many distressed denim shorts out there are too short (please, please parents, do NOT send your daughters to school again this fall in shorts that don’t cover their butt cheeks! Enough!), but these were well out of the danger zone. These also have a nice medium rise. If I didn’t already have two pairs of distressed jean shorts, I probably would have bought these.

Verdict: Sent them back


All in all I would definitely still say this Fix was fun, and it did match my personal style. The stylist who sent this Fix is the same one who sent my last Fix. You know, the first one where I purchased THE WHOLE SET. Yeah, it was that good (read about it here). Β Even though I didn’t keep anything, it was still helpful for me to try these different items and see what I liked and what I didn’t like about them. That’s one of the great things about Stitch Fix. I know it’s a business and they want to sell you clothes, but even when you don’t buy them, you still end up more clearly defining your own sense of style, as well as how different types of clothes fit and look on you. You are introduced to new brands, too. I learned about Liverpool (they make great skinnies and jeggings like my Liverpool Madonna jeggings), Kut from the Kloth (I have their Catherine boyfriend white jeans and also the Connie Skinny Crop Fray Hem jeans), and Mavi (my favorite “holy grail” super-flattering jeans brand!) all from Stitch Fix. Never in my life have I been able to find jeans in stores, but now I have a much better sense of what to look for in materials, size, rise, inseam, and styling. So yeah, I’m out $20 for the styling fee from this sort of “meh” Fix, but I’m okay with that.

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