One Last Summer Outfit + Reflections on the End of Summer

Okay, maybe this post title is a liitttttle exaggerated. These technically are not the last summer clothes I’ll be wearing this season. I’m sure there will still be summer outfit opportunities on the weekends for another month or so. But still, this is the last summer outfit I’ll get to wear on a weekday since school is starting. Sniff, sniff….

Shop This Outfit:



I’m definitely feeling a little nostalgic for those hot July days already.

Deep Thought of the Day: Why do we teachers dread the start of school, but every year after school begins again, we remember how much we love teaching?


I posed this question on Instagram the other day and got a lot of good discussion: Why do we teachers often dread the start of school, but once school actually starts it’s fresh, exciting, and new? Every single time! You’d think now that I’m starting my 24th year of teaching that I would not dread the start of school (knowing that I’ll enjoy it once it begins). Nope, still dreading. Why is that? Wish I knew, because this last full week of summer before school begins is always incredibly stressful, not just from the back-to-school preparations, but also because of the mourning of summer break.


This year I’m making a conscious effort to get excited about school starting BEFORE it starts. I picked up five new trade books to read (more about those in a post next week) and have gotten some great inspiration and motivation from them. I’m still not super happy about summer ending, but I am a little less down about school starting. Maybe even slightly excited? Oh well, I know I’ll be kicked into high gear on Day 1.


Good luck to all of you teachers who are also going back to school in the coming days and weeks!



May your summer stretch on and your school year re-ignite your passion for teaching and learning, friends!



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