Too Legit to Quit…Working Out!

Go, Hammer! When I saw this cute workout tank on Etsy at the DripDesigns storefront, I knew I wanted it. When I noticed that it was on sale for $12.50, I went ahead and added it to my cart.


I always worry when buying tank tops that they’ll be too low in the front or too cheaply made. This tank was perfect! It doesn’t dip dangerously low up front and it has a little extra room and length to it that make it super-comfortable for working out. I wouldn’t call it a “flowy” tank, but it’s not skin-tight either. I got a medium and it fits true to size.


So I started thinking about what I could wear with it to the gym or otherwise, and the first thing I thought of was my Shape Activewear “Offbeat” Bra. This bra comes up higher in the front, like a halter, and has a really cute three vertical strap back that’s perfect with any type of tank top. The pattern and colors are bold and bright, and the pale blue-green color looks great with the text on this tank. Best yet, ladies, I can vouch for the fact that this bra gives great support for a B/C sup in a high impact kickboxing workout complete with burpees and jump squats galore. Yes, it’s that good.


Where to Buy:


Here’s another combination I could do:



In the right light, these cyan-print Lulus look really close to the blue-green print on the tank top.

Where to Buy:


Then I wondered if I could do all three together: the Shape Activewear bra, the Too Legit tank, and the printed Lululemon crops. Not 100% sure about it, but I will wear this to kickboxing tomorrow and give it a try! The colors are juuuuust close enough, I think. And I’ve always loved a good print mix, although it’s usually better to mix a larger print with a smaller one (or a more complex print with a simpler one) and this really doesn’t follow that rule. Rules schmules.



OR, I can envision the Shape Activewear bra, the Too Legit tank, and my favorite Athleta Chaturanga srtipes capris together! Now those stripes do look good with the geometric print on the bra, don’t you think?

I ordered a couple more workout tanks from two different Etsy retailers, but the other two haven’t arrived yet. I’ll be sure to share them when I get them! I always think fun workout clothes just seem to make you more excited to get to the gym.

p.s. — I plan on doing a future post on some little known fitness brands I’ve discovered this past year. Do you have any go-to fitness brands that aren’t widely known? If so, shoot me a comment or email!


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