5 Fitness Wear Brands You Need to Know About

I get a lot of questions about fitness wear brands, believe it or not. We all know I’m a huge Lululemon fan (read about that here and here), and I also really like Athleta’s Chaturanga capris and pants (discussed here), but there are several other brands I’ve discovered over the past year that I love and that you may not have heard of. We need to change that right now because they carry super-stylish and functional workout tops and bottoms and are less expensive than my girls Lulu and Athleta on a lot of items (yeah!).



Glyder Apparel sells a great variety of cute tops, bottoms, and outerwear. Probably their most famous pattern, and the one that sells out most quickly, is the white with the thin black stripes. Their pants and capris range in price from $60 – $74, but they always have a fair amount on sale for much less ($30-$40 range). I’ve tried on their capris and I like the fabric and fit. They feature great basics and some pretty cutout patterns. Most tops are in the$40-$50 range. New email subscribers can get a coupon good for 20% off! Here are a few of my favorite items.

Glyder Mantra Capri


Glyder Energy Bra (also comes in stripes like the capris above!)



Senita Athletics boasts “affordable exercise clothing for women” and they deliver on that promise. They have some of the most gorgeous patterns out there, especially their bright florals. They were the inventor of the cell phone pocket in the back of the sports bra (Lululemon just recently added a model that has this feature) and their clothes get great reviews. Their cutest styles do sell out quickly, so it’s good to be on their mailing list. Senita offers free shipping over $50 and their capris are $36, which is pretty spectacular for their quality and style. Tops and bras range from $19 – $26.

Senita Sarah Sports Bra in Bahamas print


Senita Vernal Capris in Jungle print



I actually discovered Queenie Ke on Amazon.com. I was searching for a cute strappy back sports bra that didn’t come down too low in front and I discovered their Yoga Sports Bra in Medium Strappy Support (I linked it on Amazon below). It is on sale on their website for just $18.88! It says it’s normally $78, but I know on Amazon I only paid around $20 for it. It actually has great support — I can wear it on kickboxing and cardio days just fine. They have some cute bottoms and tops (several of their tops and sports bras are very similar to Lululemon styles). They have free shipping worldwide, but I’d check for Queenie Ke on Amazon before buying from their website because I have found better prices there (both items below were priced at around $18 each!!).

Queenie Ke Strappy Yoga Bra


Queenie Ke Power Tech Mesh High Waist Yoga Legging



Albion Fit is another place to go for affordable workout wear with really amazing patterns and prints. Their tagline is “vintage swimwear and couture fitness” and that is no joke. They carry really cute swimwear that is a little more modest, which I love. You have to go checkout their print collections frequently as they sell out fast, too. You can get 10% off at Albion by signing up for their email newsletter. Most of their capris and leggings are in the $70s, and their tops are mostly in the $40s.



Albion Honeycomb Slope Leggings and Antigua Jacket in Slate



Shape Activewear is another new brand that I have really liked. I actually own two or three Shape tank tops and a sports bra. One cool thing about this brand is that you get a free one-year subscription to Shape Magazine with any purchase! That was a nice bonus. The prices of their bottoms are in the $60-70 range and they have some stunning patterns and great fabrics. Tops range from $40s-$50s. I have their “Offbeat” sports bra (featured in last week’s fitness fashion post) which goes for $37 right now on their website but is $22 on Amazon. Shape is another great new brand that is really flattering, moderately priced, and I can vouch for the fact that it holds up very well in both weight training and cardio. The leggings I linked below are from Amazon (the pants were $30 cheaper there).

Shape Activewear Pacesetter Legging


Shape Active Fashion Exceed Bra


I’m sure there are more fitness brands out there that I’ve never even heard of. I love smaller brands like these, and I love the idea of supporting smaller businesses. What are some other brands you’ve heard of or tried? Shoot me a comment if you know of any.



  1. Fitness wear brands doesn’t have to be limited to just the gym. These are the best brands for performance and style. A brand can play an important role to show off your lifestyle. Here are some important things that everyone have to know about fitness wear brands. Thanks.

    • Diana, you are so right about fitness wear not being limited to the gym. It’s a great casual look for evenings or weekends and in my opinion is often much more comfortable than jeans. Plus, when you’re in fitness wear, you’re also often wearing sneakers or some other athletic shoe, which ups the comfort factor about 100%! Any look that lets me wear sneakers is a win in my book. 🙂

  2. Have you or someone you know ever ordered from the actual Queenie Ke website? I placed an order about a week ago and haven’t heard anything.

    • Hi, Marti.

      I did order a Queenie Ke sports bra via Amazon.com. The Amazon retailer was Queenie Ke, but the order was handled through Queenie Ke’s Amazon store. Hope you hear from them soon! I got a blue Queenie Ke Women’s Medium Support Strappy Back Energy Sport Bra and I really like it.

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