Evereve Trendsend Box #3 — Fall Favorites

My third Trendsend box arrived, and it was my favorite yet! As I write this post I’m still deciding which items to keep and which to send back. Not gonna lie…it’s going to be really tough this time. Paula from the Des Peres (St. Louis) Evereve store did a phenomenal job nailing my style while also sending pieces that I wouldn’t have thought of trying. (Thanks, Paula!)


If you’ve never done Trendsend before, it’s Evereve’s at-home (online/by mail) styling service. Think Stitch Fix, but with an actual store behind it. They send you three outfits…and get this…the styling fee is just $1! That’s it! Most other styling services like Stitch Fix and Wantable charge anywhere from $20-$30 for styling. Granted, they credit that amount back on any purchase, but with Trendsend, you could send everything back and only be out a buck. I like that! But you should know that you probably won’t be sending everything back: Evereve’s clothing and stylists are really, really great.


Here are the 3 outfits I received to try on. Note: These prices reflect a 20% referral discount that I got from a friend signing up to try Trendsend. Just add 20% to see the retail price.

Outfit 1:

  • Braeve  — Firestorm Top ($54.40)
  • Allison Joy — Celeste Star Shirt ($54.40)
  • Matty M — Pleated Vegan Midi Skirt ($78.40)

This “outfit” is actually a couple of outfits! There were two really adorable shirts and then the faux leather pleated midi skirt.

I really loved the colors and pattern of the Firestorm Top (it’s the floral, above). The shape is unique, with a high elastic neck (it does NOT choke you, by the way; quite comfortable, actually) and a back that buttons and then has slim oval-shaped cutout in the upper back. The colors were so rich and perfect for fall, but the boho-chic print makes it also perfect for summer! I’m definitely going to buy this shirt. This top also looks great with the vegan pleated midi skirt! And check out those sleeves (below):

Then here is the Celeste Star shirt, which also looks really cute with the vegan pleated midi skirt (as you’ll see a little farther down). When I first saw this shirt with stars all over it, I immediately thought it wouldn’t be my taste. I’m not a stars (or hearts, clovers, moons, or rainbows for that matter) pattern fan when it comes to clothes. BUT, when I tried it on, I really got it. You don’t see stars, pardon the pun, when you look at this shirt with jeans, a skirt, pants, or whatever else you wear it with. In the box, it’s a “meh.” But when you put it on, see the gorgeous drape, feel the crinkly fabric and slouchy-casual vibe, it’s not fussy or cutesy at all: it’s just totally chic. I may end up buying this shirt too even though I wasn’t even going to try it on at first glance. So glad I did!

Here is this gorgeous Celeste Star shirt along with the vegan pleated midi skirt. This skirt is so edgy and cool! I love that it’s midi-length (my knees were not made for mini skirts, unfortunately….). It’s simple and clean, but the pleats amp it up to trend status and the black vegan faux leather is just the right amount of “tough” to add on to the “chic.” I paired it with black peep toe boots, but Paula suggested wearing it with a fashion sneaker and I agree: it would be a really fun look! Check it out below.


Outfit 2:

  • Rune— Cropped Ponte Kick Flare ($54.40)
  • Allison Joy — Mila Bow Pullover ($54.40)

Okay, I have to say that the Mila Bow pullover was one of the softest tops I’ve ever felt. At first I didn’t think I would like this either, but when I put it on I ended up loving how it fit and felt. I can see wearing it with leggings or jeans. It’s the perfect balance of athleisure and casual. And the ponte cropped kick flares were super-comfy as well. They were a tad long on me because I have abnormally short legs, so they weren’t as cropped as they probably are supposed to be on normal human legs. I have been wanting to try cropped flares and I liked these.

Even though these were cute and comfortable, I probably won’t end up getting either of them. I liked them both, but didn’t love either. If money grew on trees it’d be one thing, but you know how that goes.


Outfit 3:

  • Allison Joy — Kelly Side Cinch Dress ($62.40)
  • Thirty-Nine 42 — Into the Night Necklace ($19.20)

This dress is simple and comfortable, but it looks really good on. It’s stretchy and drapey, and it would be a great one to wear someplace where you need to move around, sit down, get into and out of cars, and EAT. So many dresses don’t allow you to move freely about the planet. The “Into the Night” necklace was just perfect with the dress, too. I’m not sure I like the peep toe booties I paired with the dress, though. I think I’d prefer a metallic sandal for dressy situations and maybe even some white Converse sneakers for a fun look.


Well, there you have it! My third Trendsend box was just as fun as always, and I love that it had several surprising items that I would never have picked for myself, but that I ended up loving. Thus, the fun!  If you are looking for a new subscription box to try, I highly recommend Trendsend.

Note: This post contains referral links. Clicking on the Trendsend links in this post may result in my earning a referral discount for Trendsend. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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