Rocksbox #24 Review — The Bold + The Beautiful (and a promo code)

My latest Rocksbox set was filled with hand-picked goodies. And by “hand-picked goodies,” I mean all three were pieces that I added to my wish list. I love them all!


1. Wilde “Ibiza” earrings in Gold and Hot Coral (Member’s Price $49)

HOT CORAL….need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyway. These beauties are absolutely stunning. And best of all, they are lightweight enough to wear all day: no tugging or pulling! The length is perfect, too — they just graze my shoulders if I slouch a little, but swing freely if I maintain good posture (a good reminder!). I’ve worn them both with my hair down and my hair up and either way, they definitely make a statement.


2. Slate “Stevie” Necklace (Member’s Price $49)

This necklace is tough and delicate at the same time. I love the spikes, and I also love the tiny square hematite beads. The length is perfect for v-neck or button down tops and the spikes compliment those sorts of necklines really well, although it also looks great with a scoop neck or anything else where the front part of the necklace shows. I can see this getting a lot of wear if I decide to buy it.


3. Aster “Amaranth” Fringe Cuff in Gold (Member’s Price $58)

This bracelet is lightweight and comfortable to wear, but adds some movement and shine to any outfit. I like that it’s adjustable for a custom fit. My favorite part about it is the swingy spikes. They’re not long enough to dangle and get in the way, but they’re noticeable enough to stand out. I’ve been wearing this a lot so far.

And doesn’t it look perfect with the Slate necklace?


All three of these pieces are ones I really like and wouldn’t mind adding to my permanent collection. I’ve been wearing them quite a bit, both together and separately, and they work really, really well with my style.


…and now for that promo code!

In case you’ve never heard of it, Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service that sends you three pieces of designer jewelry to try. You pay $19 per month and you keep the pieces as long as you like and then send them back for a new set when you’re ready. You can buy items out of your set as well, and they often throw out discounts (like last month you could get $10 off if you purchased 2 items from your set and $20 off if you purchased 3 items).Β  If you’d like to give Rocksbox a try, enter promo code EVERYDAYJENXOXO for your first month free!


Rocksbox memberships also make a great gift! You can go big with a 12-month membership ($149; includes a $50 Rocksbox gift card!) or gift someone with a 3-month membership (including a $10 gift card) for just $49.


I have been using Rocksbox for a few years now and I really enjoy it. I love the idea that you can let your stylist pick pieces for you or you can browse and request items you really want to try. Let me know if you have any questions about Rocksbox — overall I’m really happy with the service.


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