Cocoa Locks Review: One Month of Cocoa (+ a promo code!)

Have you ever heard of Cocoa Locks? They are a company that sells a hot chocolate mix specially blended to grow your hair! Their motto is “Hair growth never tasted so good.” When Cocoa Locks contacted me to see if I’d like to try their their cocoa, I jumped at the chance. My hair has always grown at a turtle’s pace, and I was also coming off of a bad eyebrow wax job that left my brows very sparse and with a few bald patches (yes, it was a REALLY bad brow wax…..).


I had the option of choosing their One Month Hair Growth Program (the hot chocolate) or their One Month Cocoa Locks Shake Program, which is a milkshake mix. I opted for the tried-and-true original product, the hot chocolate mix, mainly because it’s fall and I like to drink a cup of hot chocolate or tea every evening.


As you can see in my “before” photo above, my hair was just touching my collarbones. By the end of the 4th week, my hair had grown about 2.5 to 2.75 inches! This is definitely faster than my hair has ever grown before. Plus, my eyebrows filled in even thicker than they were before the bad wax job. All of the bald patches were back to normal, and the inside parts were thicker as well. I was hoping that my eyelashes would have grown in thicker and longer, but they don’t seem much different, unfortunately. It’s hard to tell, though.


Here are a few more “after” photos:

1. In this photo you can see a little more of the growth in the side layers.


2. Check out the length in the back! I think the back grew faster than the sides did, because it is about 3+ inches longer in that area.


3. My hair is not thicker or more dense — just longer.

I had hoped that my hair would grow in thicker, but that didn’t happen. It grew quickly, but it’s just as thin and fine as ever. Also, the condition of my hair is really not improved. This is most likely because I had gotten highlights back in late July and they’ve gotten really sun-bleached over the past few months, really drying my hair out. So the condition isn’t great, but it is definitely no drier or more damaged than it was before. This remained the same. As you can see in the photos, I still have shorter hairs growing in (maybe that’ll equate to more density later on?) — or maybe it’s breakage. Hard to tell. My hair is always frizzy and dry, even when I deep condition religiously. Ignore those roots, too…looks like it’s time to hit the salon for a touch-up. :-/


4. Here’s what my hair looks like when left to air-dry (just call me Miss Frizzle).



Here are my thoughts:


  • It WILL make your hair grow pretty quickly.
  • It’s vegetarian and gluten-free (although I am not anti-gluten or meat, so those don’t matter to me), and it’s also cruelty free and 100% natural and drug-free with no known side effects.
  • It’s choc-full of vitamins and minerals (check out the “ingredients” question in the FAQ).
  • It’s relatively inexpensive at around $1.00 per day.
  • They have free world-wide shipping.
  • The hot chocolate has only 32 calories per serving!
  • It made my eyebrows fill in well.


  • It didn’t taste that great. You only use 2 teaspoons in water, and that was too bland for me. I ended up adding the 2 teaspoons of Cocoa Locks to a cup of “real” hot chocolate. So I guess I ended up getting a lot more than 32 calories, but I did enjoy the taste a lot more.
  • It didn’t thicken my hair in the one month period. I will have to see if continued use starts to make my hair thicker.
  • It didn’t improve the condition of my hair, at least in this first month. My hair was no more dry/damaged, but it was also no less so.
  • I didn’t notice any growth or added thickness in my eyelashes.


All in all I want to keep drinking Cocoa Locks to see if things keep going in the right direction. I was really impressed with the length I got during this first month.



If you’d like to give Cocoa Locks a go yourself, use promo code EVERYDAYJEN20 to get 20% off of your order. Cocoa Locks did work for me in terms of hair growth/added length. I may try the milkshake version next to see if the flavor of that is any better.


If you have tried Cocoa Locks or anything similar, I’d love to hear about your results!

NOTE: I received Cocoa Locks for free to try. This review is 100% my own opinion.


  1. Wow, Jenny. This is amazing! Be sure to post if you notice your hair getting thicker. I would love to find something that will thicken hair as well!

  2. Wow. Your hair looks great. Your hair does look thicker though. Especially at the ends… Big difference.

  3. Hi Jenny! I just discovered your blog yesterday with this Cocoa Locks Review and I got curious about this product!! But I couldn’t find any further information about it. Is it a brand new product?

    • Hi, and welcome! I’m not sure how long Cocoa Locks has been around, but I do know it’s a European company and it has been around there longer than here in America. So it is newer here and less well known. I had pretty good results with it. Not currently using it because I’m trying some new pre-workout and protein powder products and I don’t want to mix and match too many products with vitamin supplements. Thanks for stopping by! ~ Jenny

  4. Hi all! I tried Cocoa Locks too. As a previous user of a biotin supplement I have to give a ‘meh’ review. I totally agree it does not taste that great. It’s much more of a lightly chocolate flavored water than hot chocolate. This was a huge turn off for me since I looked forward to having a daily treat in addition to growing my hair longer. It does work for growth. – Overall it is not worth it for the money you pay for a ‘program.’ Buy a simple biotin/zinc supplement and save your dollars. Best wishes all!

    • Thanks, Hope. I have thought about trying a biotin supplement — didn’t know zinc was good for that as well. Do you take both zinc and biotin or one or the other? ~ Jenny

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