Winter Wishlist (a.k.a. eyeing, but not buying)

You know winter’s coming when the temperatures start creeping downward like an old pair of underwear. Every year about this time I look in my closet and see that I have absolutely NOTHING to wear. Hah. If you’re like me, there are plenty of things to wear…just not anything that I really want to wear. Since I’m on a strict self-imposed budget this year (I haven’t bought any new clothes for myself except for a Costco sweatshirt in three full months!! Pretty sure that deserves a round of applause, y’all), I’m trying to make myself content with “Windows” shopping — LOL. So, last Sunday when it was gloomy and rainy — and when I had an extra glorious hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time falling back — I decided to share some of the things I’ve been eyeing, but not buying.

Shop each of these cuuuuuuuute items below, and then PLEASE, please let me know if they are as amazing as they look! If I can’t shop myself, I would love it if I could vicariously shop through you. πŸ˜€


1. Buffalo Plaid Everything!

Remember awhile back when I was all up on the buffalo plaid (or checked, whatever you want to call it) patterns for home decor? I’m still digging that stuff, but I’ve expanded my horizons to clothes and shoes.

Shop This Look:



2. Soft, Cozy Chenille Sweaters

Chenille is a thing this fall and I hope it continues to be a thing this winter. I mean how can it NOT, seeing how warm and cozy it is. The only problem I ever had with chenille sweaters is if I wear them in the car without a coat, the seatbelt sometimes rubs the fuzz off where it hits, leaving a seatbelt-shaped wear area on my cozy, soft sweater. So I guess the solution there is to just wear a jacket or coat over your cozy, soft chenille sweater when in the car.

Shop This Look:


3. Furry & Fluffy Coats

I have wanted a furry coat for the past few years, but I won’t get one. It’s not that I don’t love them…I do! It is just that I don’t know how often I’d really wear one. If I’m going to be outside when it’s cold, I want a coat to keep me warm. That coat usually involves down and weather-proof material. Okay, maybe I look like the Michelin Tire Man in it, but I’m warm and that’s what counts. I really don’t have a need for a “nice” winter coat because I don’t dress up and go out a lot during the winter. Well, or the summer for that matter. I mostly dress up for school or church, and all I do outside on those days is run from the car to the door and back. Soooo, no fluffy coat for me, but I sure do like to look at them. *Side Note: There is one coat in here, the Military style coat from Mango, that isn’t fluffy or furry (it’s probably just velvety), but I also really have been wanting a military style coat lately and this one is sooooo chic that I included it here just because I love it and it didn’t fit into the other categories any better. πŸ™‚

4. Soft (as in Furry & Velvety!) Boots and Shoes

Cold temps means cold tootsies. Some of these boots are stuffed with shearling and fur to keep your tootsies warm. A few of the other boots here are velvety and chic and would dress up a pair of jeans or leather pants or hold their own with more elevated winter looks. My birthday is coming and I told myself I could spend about $50 on clothes when it does. Although I really, really wish I had $350 to drop on those killer Birkenstock Nuuk boots (and if anyone’s feeling really generous, they ARE what I want for my birthday! LOL), I might instead drop a mere $35 for those furry Sorel indoor-outdoor slippers.


Then I also found these really sweet new Adidas Gazelle shoes that have a bit of fur on the back heel accents. So cute!


So there’s my Winter Wishlist! What types of winter goodies are you wishing for this year?



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  1. I was victim to the seatbelt fuzz as well, and just a couple days ago bought a seatbelt cover. Only $4.99 on Amazon! I look like my mom driving around now, but I’m okay with it.

    • I didn’t even know you could get covers for seatbelts! And hey, if it means saving a chenille sweater, I’m going to get one, too. Hitting Amazon right now — thanks for the tip!

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