Stitch Fix #36: Wishes Granted! HURRY & Try Stitch Fix FREE through January 2018!!

Every time I see this ^^ on my porch, I get pretty excited. This time I was a little more excited than usual because I actually left a note for my stylist requesting several things. Based on all of the fall and winter trends I’ve been “eyeing, not buying” lately (see my post on that) asked for a chenille sweater and something soft and furry. I also asked for a fall-slash-wintery tote style bag and some kick-crop jeans (because other than the pair I made myself, I can’t find any that work for me). You guys, my stylist Kate granted every wish perfectly! Check it out below.

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1. Dex ‘Bronwin’ Cropped Chenille Crewneck Pullover Sweater ($64)

THIS.SWEATER.IS.SO.FREAKING.PERFECT, in every way! It’s luxuriously soft, has an interesting curved cropped hi-low hemline, and the fabric really shows the softness. It almost looks like it’s shiny in that velvety way — know what I mean? The chenille is a bit on the longer side, which makes it almost furry and oh, so soft! The olive green color makes it casual and not too dressy, which you know I love.

Verdict: Kept it!


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2. Driftwood ‘Britt’ Embroidered Cuff Scissor Cut Hem Straight Leg Jean ($98)

I really love these jeans! They are stretchy in that super-flattering, super-comfortable way, and as you can see the embroidery detailing is gorgeous. The colors in the embroidery make the jeans so versatile: you could wear them with just about anything else. They look amazing with the olive chenille sweater from this Fix, as well as the purple coat (see below). I do wish they were a little bit shorter, though. Even with rolling the cuffs up farther than they are supposed to be rolled, they are a bit too long on me. (Curse you, abnormally short and stumpy legs!!!) And even though the embroidery detailing is one of the things I love best about these babies, I think they would look dated as soon as embroidery takes a dip in popularity.

Verdict: Sent them back (reluctantly…)

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3. Mo-Ka ‘Magnolia’ Velvet Puffer Coat ($118)

This coat was great. It is warm without being too bulky, and the purple velvet is so soft. I love puffer style coats, too — in fact, I have a charcoal gray one that’s almost identical to this except it’s not soft (it’s regular nylon-y winter coat type material). Oh, do I wish I did not already have a coat like this. If Christmas weren’t coming I might actually buy this and get rid of my old coat (it’s probably 5-6 years old, but it still looks good unfortunately), but I need to keep things lean to buy Christmas gifts. Oh, the sacrifices we make, right? πŸ˜‰

Verdict: Sent it back (reluctantly…)

I almost couldn’t find the pockets they are so seamlessly integrated with the sides of the coat…. But I found them, and they’re nice and deep.

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4. Urban Expressions ‘Amherst’ Multi-Zip Tote ($68)

At first when I looked at this bag I thought it was charcoal gray or black, but when I brought it into better light, I realized it was a pretty dark olive green. Well, somehow Kate the amazing stylist knew that I’d love it best of all in olive green faux leather. This is not the first time Stitch Fix’s stylists seem to know what I want before I do…I’m not a lottery person, but maybe I’ll give it a go and have Kate pick my numbers!Β  Anyway, back to the tote. It’s roomy and the exact size I like in a tote (medium). It has two little pockets on the outsides that zip and are perfect for sunglasses, cell phones, pens, lip gloss, keys, and all of those other little things that tend to fall down to the bottom of your bag into no (wo)man’s land. Then there’s also a big roomy zipped area in the middle for wallets, water bottles, and all of those medium-to-larger sized items. As it would happen, the pockets inside the caramel faux leather medium-sized tote I’m carrying around right now, which I do love, areΒ  ripping apart and so I know a little bit about losing all of those little things in the bottom of my bag. This bag is going to solve that problem for me.

Verdict: Kept it!

Check out these pockets!

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5. Mo-Ka ‘Linz’ Faux Shearling Vest ($78)

I wish you could feel the furry collar and underside of this vest! It’s that longer “curly” and super-soft shearling fur. The vest is black, so the smooth side of the shearling almost looks like leather. Duh, right? I know real shearling IS animal hide, but when I think of shearling I always think of the sueded tan and white fur kind. Anyway, my point is, because this one is black it looks a little more edgy and chic and a little less Alpine-rugged. My only problem with this is the same problem I have with all vests: what to wear under it? I think it would look great with a turtleneck sweater, but I’ve only got one turtleneck sweater that isn’t black. Guess I could wear the black one with it, but I like a little contrast against it so you can see the fur better. I could probably also wear it with a long sleeve knit top, but I don’t have a lot of those either. Here I wore it with the chenille sweater from this Fix and I also tried it with a long sleeve stripey tee. I do like it with both of these…Β  I’ll have to think about what else I can do with it….any ideas, friends?

Verdict: Kept it!

It looks great with that chenille sweater, too. So much softness!

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All in all, this was another fabulous Fix! I think I am actually going to schedule another one to come before the end of the month because, hey, NO STYLING FEES FROM NOW THROUGH JANUARY 2018!! Give Stitch Fix a try yourself!

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