Review of Saranghae’s NEW Oil + Foam Cleanser: Total Game-Changer!

A while back I reviewed a Korean 5-step skincare system from Saranghae, a Korea-based boutique skincare company. (Read my review HERE in case you missed it.) As I’ve said before, I’m not the most diligent about skincare…if it’s not simple, quick, and effective, I’m not doing it. When Saranghae originally contacted me to see if I wanted to collaborate by trying their 5-step anti-aging skin care routine and sharing my review, I was nervous because, well, I’ve never been that into skin care (I know, I know — shame on me!).

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Flash forward three months, and folks, the impossible has happened: I have actually stuck with a skin care regimen!!  I will admit I’m still not the most diligent about it. I may not cleanse, serum-ify (yup, that’s a word), and moisturize twice a day, but I sure do go through the routine at least once most days of the week, AND, I use their sheet mask once every few weeks as well! I am still on my original supply of serum, moisturizer, and eye cream, but I have just recently used up the oil cleanser and my last sheet mask. When I went to order more cleanser a few weeks ago, I noticed that they no longer sold the kind that I had (the oil cleanser). Now their cleanser was called “Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser.” I ordered it anyway thinking I’d give it a go. Before I had received my shipment, I happened to be contacted by Saranghae to see if I’d like to try their new cleanser for free and review it. I said yes even though I had already ordered some of my own, and I actually have not yet received my “free” cleanser, so this review is based on the one I bought and paid for. Just clarifying so you know I did ultimately receive a free one for this review even though I had already purchased one myself.




When I received the cleanser, I couldn’t wait to try it since I loved the original cleanser so much. I was worried this new cleanser wouldn’t work as well: the old one seemed to magically melt off my waterproof mascara and 24-hour superpower eyeliner and I didn’t want to mess with that perfection. I thought I’d record a video of myself trying the Oil + Foam Cleanser for the first time so you guys can see my honest, unpracticed reaction to it. Plus, since I had never used it before, you can see how easy it was to follow the packaging directions.


My first impressions of this new cleanser? LOVE AT FIRST CLEANSE!!

Check out my thoughts about it in (albeit totally unprofessional, slightly silly) video:


And, yes, as you might have guessed, this is only the second video I’ve ever made. I know it shows, and I’m okay with that.



All in all, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this oil and foam cleanser even more than the original oil-based cleanser. It’s everything I loved about the original (how it melts mascara, how it deep-cleans without drying, how it leaves your skin soft and not “tight”) plus more. Actually I think my makeup came off faster and easier with the new cleanser (probably the addition of the foam step). I felt like the addition of the foam at the end made my skin feel like it got even cleaner. I really love the tingly feeling of the oil foaming up when the water is added. Whether your skin is actually getting cleaner or whether it just seems like it due to the foam I don’t know, but I do think my skin felt even cleaner than with the original oil cleanser. Maybe there is less residue left on the skin after rinsing? My face did feel “lighter” and cleaner, but not dry at all. Before my skin felt clean and moisturized: now my skin feels clean, moisturized, and truly nourished — yes, healthier, if that’s possible just after one use! This cleanser is definitely a step above the old one.


And I don’t know if you could tell from the video, but the instead of being a clear liquid like the original, this new cleanser has a golden sheen and shimmer to it. This cleanser is made with truffle extract and GOLD, yes gold! It’s beautiful to look at, smells nice, and just feels so luxurious. Here’s a picture to show you the sparkly gold-ness of this cleanser.



So, after several months of using the Saranghae 5-step Korean anti-aging routine, I am still a huge fan! If you’re in the market for skincare that really works and isn’t going to take tons of time each day — or even weeks to see results — I do highly recommend Saranghae. I have noticed over the past three months a reduction in breakouts, and I haven’t gotten dry patches like I usually do as fall rolls into winter (I have combination skin). At first I didn’t really see much of a reduction in fine lines, but looking at this video I realize that my skin tone and fine lines both have improved since I made that first video. Cool!


I highly recommend making this cleanser, and the whole Saranghae 5-Step System really, a part of your skin care routine. Or in my case, it simply is my ENTIRE skincare routine! It has definitely earned its place in the prime-time real estate that is my bathroom counter.


I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about Saranghae! Now that I’ve been using it for a few months, I feel like I can speak more intelligently about it. Or you can always visit their website and read all about it. I like their blog, too. I don’t receive any kickbacks or referral fees or anything like that from Saranghae, but I like it so much I think you should know about it. You know, since we’re friends. 🙂







  1. I just purchased the product. You are right my skin is not dry and feels soft. I was wondering to get the full effects of this beauty regimen if I should get the full kit.
    I use another brand for the moisturizer

    • Hi, Evelyn. I use all 5 steps and I really would recommend the full kit. The cleanser is the best I’ve ever used and you will love how the serum absorbs quickly into your skin. It all works together perfectly and if you order the automatic refills (you can specify 45 vs 60 days, etc.), you get a big discount that you don’t get buying the products individually. I am not as good about using the sheet masks weekly (even though they are wonderful), but the cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and eye cream are making such a big difference for me. ~ Jenny

  2. I have purchased the products (all five) and am very happy with them, however, I noticed when getting my finger into the moisture there was a hole with no product in the center. Very disappointed it wasn’t full. I do like the products.

    • Hi, Kris. Glad you like the products, but sorry you didn’t have a full moisturizer. In my experience Saranghae’s customer service is VERY responsive, so you should reach out to them and I’ll bet they can help you. In all of my interactions with the company they have been super-proactive and truly want people to have a good experience. I’d definitely contact them! Thanks for letting me know you like the products — I’m still obsessed with them myself and my skin seems to keep getting better and better the longer I use them! ~ Jenny

  3. Hello – I just started using the products – I’m approx 5 days in – I notice I have a couple of blemishes in the lip and chin area (hormonal area) – will the Saranghae products keep blemishes at bay once I’m using this for quite some time?

    • Hi, Helen. Everybody’s skin is different, but I can say I used to get pimples in my temple area and sometimes my chin around that certain time of month, but since I’ve been using this cleanser that has cut way down. I will still get the occasional one, but much less now and some months not at all. Stick with it and let me know if that gets better for you. Have a great day! ~ Jenny

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