How to Sparkle on New Year’s Eve and Beyond

sequin skirt for new year's eve

SEQUINS! That’s how to sparkle on New Year’s Eve. This gorgeous art deco style sequin skirt was a thrifted find. Yep, thrifted. I scored it at Castaway’s Consignment shop for just $14 a year or so ago.


I wore it for the first time a few weeks ago at a Christmas party for my gym (yeah, we do that — go, fit family!).Β At first I was stumped as to what to wear with this skirt: I didn’t want to be too formal for this particular party, but I also wanted to dress up a little. I settled on a denim chambray shirt and peep-toe suede booties for the party. I took these photos late in the afternoon before heading to the party.

sparkly sequin skirt

Shop This Look:

The shoes and earrings linked here are the exact ones I’m wearing. Everything else is visually similar. Check further down in this post for more cute sequin skirt ideas.

art deco sequin skirt

I wish I had a camera that would take good photos in low light environments because this skirt was absolutely beautiful in the low light of the party that night. These daylight shots give you a good idea of what it looks like, but they do NOT capture the sparkle that would make it so perfect for NYE.

sequin skirt

Sequin Skirts for New Year’s Eve and Beyond:

Guess what? I found lots and lots and lots of sequin skirts for you! I know it’s too late to order any of these for this New Year’s Eve, but you could get one for next year. Be sure to scroll: I found a variety of cute ones!

What to do with a sequin skirt when it’s not NYE

Are sequin skirts limited to New Year’s Eve? Heck, no. I wore mine to a casual Christmas party and it was perfect. I also love the idea of styling my sequin skirt with a graphic tee and fun sneakers for a cute and casual look. You could dress it up just a little with a black or white sweater, or a white button down shirt is always a “do.” A black blazer or leather moto jacket and a white tee with a sequin skirt would also be completely fabulous!


Depending on the shoe or boot you select you can take your sequin skirt from casual to sporty to fun to dressy. Be careful because I’d bet it’s also possible to take your sequin skirt too far in the direction of….ahem….”ladies of the evening.” Know what I mean? I probably would not pair my sequin skirt with a cami and stilettos, for instance. Gotta keep things classy, y’all. πŸ˜€


If you had asked me before I found this skirt if I would ever own a sequin skirt, I would have laughed at you and said NO WAY. However, now I am the proud owner of a pretty sweet sequin skirt and I’m totally okay with that.


Do you have a sequin skirt or plans to get one? How will you style yours?

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