Transforming My Hair With Monat

transforming my hair with monat


If you have friends who sell things, I’m sure you have heard of Monat. I’m always a little leery of multi-level marketing companies because they’re just enough similar to pyramid schemes that you can compare and contrast them with some overlap.That said, I always seem to be buying products from friends who sell stuff via MLM: Lipsense (totally addicted, Kristi!!), Mary Kay (their mascara & translucent powder are my favorites, Marci!), Pampered Chef (still use it all, Lily), doTerra (so Zen, Betsy!), Stella Dot (obsessed with that clutch, Erin!), Scentsy (house smells great, Jen!), Zyia Activewear (getting so many compliments on the leggings, Amanda!), not to mention Pampered Chef, Rodan & Fields (which I haven’t tried because I’m having such good results with Saranghae), Norwex, Chloe & Isabel, Lularoe, and on and on. I am one of those weirdos who actually likes going to these parties to learn about new products that I will probably spend too much on, but might love.

try monat haircare products


My Results With Monat

Well, a few months ago my friend Angela introduced me to Monat hair products. If you’ve been hanging out with me here at Everyday Teacher Style for a while you know I’ve always had hair issues. My hair’s frequently frizzy, frazzled, dried out, and sorely in need of a trim and color because I go waaaay too long between trims. She recommended that I start off with Renew shampoo (for brilliance, strength, and vitality), Revitalize conditioner (for volume and hydration) as well as some of their conditioning dry shampoo, The Champ (because I use dry shampoo a few times a week). After just one use of the shampoo and conditioner, I noticed immediately that my hair was smoother and lighter (as if really clean and not weighed down). Then after a few more weeks of use I started noticing my hair was growing stronger, shinier, starting to fill in around thinner areas like my forehead and temples and sides of face. I started trying a few more Monat products at that point: Rejuvabeads (to help repair and prevent split ends) and Rejuvenique Oil Intensive (I put it on my ends in the evening for additional hyrdation)ย  After a couple of weeks with these additions I noticed less breakage and fallout, less tangling around the ends (even on windy days!!), and that my hair can air dry and not look totally ridiculously frizzy. Yeah, I’m hooked.

Before Monat

before monat dry hair

Before Monat: Check out those dry ends and straw-like strands

before monat fine thinning hair

Before Monat: Here you can see how fine and thinning the top of my hair and hairline are


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After 8 Weeks of Monat

Sorry these photos aren’t great — one of these days after it’s been another couple of months with Monat, I’ll take some better ones. I was just in a hurry to show you how much better my hair was! So excited! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Keep in mind I did NOT blowdry OR style my hair for these photos: this is just combing and air drying. When I blow it dry now, it looks so schmooooove and pretty!

after monat length strength

After Monat: Check out how much more shiny and soft my hair is! And hardly any more breakage!

after monat less breakage side

After Monat: Look at how much stronger and smoother my hair is around the sides and hairline! And oh, so soft!

after monat side view

After Monat: Here you can see how much more smooth and strong my hair looks.


How I Get 30% off Monat

I love these products so much I signed up as what they call a “Market Partner” so I can get a 30% discount on them. The great thing is, now that I’m a Market Partner (also known as an “MP”), I am under no obligation to sell anything to anyone to continue getting my discount. I did have to pay $99 for a “starter kit” with samples and training for selling Monat, but I have no intention of becoming a full-on salesgirl. I’m just in it for the discount and the special “only for you” products that you can get when you set up automatically scheduled (a.k.a., “Flexship”) orders.


Another option would have been to sign up as a “VIP.” VIPs get a 15% discount, but they have to make a total of three $84 Flexship orders. This is also a good deal, but I like these products so much I wanted the bigger discount, even if it meant shelling out a few more beans upfront.




my favorite monat products

My Favorite Products

Aside from the shampoo and conditioners, which have been completely TRANSFORMATIONAL to my hair, my three favorite products are the following:

  • Rejuvenique Oil Intensive — This stuff is liquid gold. You use such a tiny bit it this silver tube will last you eons. I use this on dry hair, usually at night or anytime during the dayย  when I want to give it a little hydration and shine. It only took me a few tries to realize you really do only need ONE drop of the oil, not more. One drop softens and smooths all of my hair. You can mix a drop of this with conditioner or other styling products, and you can even use it on your skin. It’s expensive (not as much with my MP discount), but worth it. Rejuvenique has a fresh, lemony smell that’s different from the rest of the Monat projects.
  • Rejuvabeads — Just 1-2 pumps of this cream on my towel-dried goes a long way toward mending and preventing split ends, which used to be a huge problem for me. It says to style as usual after putting it on your hair, but many times I just let it air dry: I can say that my ends don’t look nearly as frizzy and dry as they used to, and when I use this they don’t tangle up in the wind as much as they used to.
  • The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo —ย  Before The Champ, I’ve used so many kinds of dry shampoos. Cheaper drugstore brands like Batiste never worked that well on my hair (no matter how much I liked the smell): much too heavy and chalky for my fine hair. Before Monat, my go-to was Klorane, which did a pretty good job of making my hair look clean and giving it some volume. I thought that was as good as it got until I tried The Champ. WOW, was I surprised by how much cleaner and shinier my hair was with The Champ. With the drugstore brands, and even with Klorane, my hair looked so matte and dull. Not so with The Champ! The smell is light and clean and it really is almost like I washed my hair except it has more volume. It’s hands-down THE BEST dry shampoo I’ve ever used.

try monat haircare products


Want to try Monat?

Okay, I said I didn’t want to be a salesgirl, but I do want you to know how awesome Monat products are. Because I bought the Market Partner (MP) starter kit, I do have a bunch of shampoo and conditioner samples. If you want me to send you any to try (for free of course), direct message me either by email, the contact form on my blog, or on Instagram or Facebook and send me your address and what your goals for your hair are (anti-aging, revitalizing, volumizing, hydration, etc.) so I can send you the right products to try.


If you’ve already tried Monat and need to order more, please check with the friend who hooked you up with it the first time. I’m not trying to ruin friendships here. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  But if you need a Monat hook up, then I’m your girl! You can check out and order all of Monat’s products at my Monat shop website (this is where I get all of my goodies!).


And if like me you know you want to keep using Monat products long-term, you’ll definitely want to sign up for one of the discount options. I can get you signed up as a VIP (15% off) or Market Partner (30% off).

On the Blog Next Week: Tons of Product Reviews!

The nice thing about being a Market Partner (MP) is since I get the awesome-tastic discount, I have now tried a ton of Monat products so I can answer your questions pretty well. I plan to do another blog post where I give a brief review of all of the products I’ve tried and what I thought of them. (Spoiler alert: there are 1 or 2 products that I didn’t find that transformational even though others most were amazing.) That will be coming next week, so stay tuned!


These are the Monat products I’ve tried — can’t wait to share my thoughts on them with you next week.

monat hair products

Until then, my friends!

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try monat haircare products
Note: If you purchase Monat products through these links I will earn a small commission. I really, really like what Monat has done for my hair and honestly think more people should know about it. I appreciate your use of my links and welcome any questions about Monat you may have. Thanks!

transforming my hair with monat


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