3-Year Blogiversary Favorite Things GIVEAWAY


This month I am celebrating my 3rd year of fashion & lifestyle blogging! For me, the best thing about doing this little blog has been the interaction with you, my awesome readers, over the years. I can’t tell you how much your readership, comments, and participation mean to me.


I started this blog as an outlet and a space to talk about all things style with a teacher-slash-mom twist. In my everyday life, I don’t go around talking about what I’m wearing or what styles are trending, what recipes I’m trying at home, how I’m changing up my home decor, fitness ideas and tips, or how I decorate my classroom. Somehow those things just don’t come up when I’m teaching my students, hanging out with my family, going to church or kids’ sporting events, walking my dog, working out, or grading. Crazy, right? But here at Everyday Teacher Style, I get to share my thoughts about those topics and also hear yours.


What I never expected was all of the great opportunities this blog has given me, from amazing new products to try to fun experiences.  Best of all are the meaningful friendships I’ve gained! Friends, I want to humbly thank all of you for sticking around and listening to my largely unimportant and irrelevant, but hopefully occasionally fun, fluff. So first off, THANKS!


Second, everybody knows it’s better to give than to receive (especially this time of the year when my closets and counters are full of things I need to organize, put away, or purge….ugh), so even though it’s my blogiversary, I’m giving away a pretty fantastic little box of presents!


blogiversary giveaway prizes


One lucky sweet reader will receive a fun mix of my favorite things:
  • $25 Target gift card
  • $25 Starbucks gift card
  • $50 Jord Wood Watches gift card
  • $25 Amazon gift card
  • Leather leopard-print drop earrings
  • BaubleBar Mitra Y Choker Necklace
  • Natural Chic Hand Woven Ring Handle Tote
  • Pom Pom Tassel
  • OPI Nail Polish in x, x, and x
  • Monat “The Champ” Dry Shampoo
  • Cork Journal/Notebook
  • Pilot Acroball Pens (2)
  • Pastel M&Ms
  • Target Sunnies
  • Pineapple Wall Art


More info and a description of each of these items is below.


How to Enter

Leave a comment letting me know what you’d like to see on Everyday Teacher Style this year. More reviews? Instagram outfit roundups? Fashion picks? Quick/healthy recipes? Home projects? Fitness/health? Teacher and/or mom hacks? Videos? Let me know! To enter the giveaway, complete the mandatory tasks on the Rafflecopter widget. You can get extra entries by doing the additional (optional) tasks.   This giveaway is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands or merchants included in the prize package. The giveaway is open to US residents 18 and over: not responsible for damage or loss in shipping. Good luck, everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


More Info on the Prize Loot


target amazon jord starbucks gift cards

Pretty self-explanatory here. The gift cards include Starbucks $25, Target $25, Amazon $25, and Jord Wood Watches $50.


leather leopard print drop earrings lightweight

These lightweight leopard-print leather drop earrings are from Jane.com. Similar ones are still available.


bauble bar mitra layered turquoise y necklace

I laid this necklace on the white paper of the notebook so you could see it better. It’s from Bauble Bar and it’s the Mitra Y Choker in turquoise.


natural chic woven ring handle tote bag summer

This is the Natural Chic Woven Ring Handle Tote (from Amazon) and I am also including a cute little tie-on pom pom tassel from Target that you can attach or use for something else.


OPI Tropical Shades Nail Polish

Aren’t these nail polish shades perfect for spring and summer? They have a beachy, tropical vibe that makes them my favorite. The shades are That’s Hula-rious (light green), Tutti Frutti Tonga (light coral-pink), and Gelato On My Mind (light blue). Sweet!


Monat’s “The Champ” Conditioning Dry Shampoo is hands-down the best dry shampoo I’ve ever tried. I’m on my third can now and it’s amazing. Smells great, leaves my hair clean and shiny, gives added volume, and doesn’t leave my hair “powdery” or chalky/gray. My previous favorite, Klorane, is good (Battiste didn’t work well for me — too chalky), but can’t touch The Champ. If you dry shampoo several days a week like I do, this is a MUST.


Mead Cork Notebook

This is just a small (8.5″ x 6″) cork college-ruled notebook by Mead that I use for basically everything. I’m on probably my 6th one of these little guys. I carry one around with me at school to jot down ideas or make lists, and I also have one that I use for home/personal stuff that I have either in my tote bag or on my kitchen counter. So handy!


Pilot Acroball White Pens

Have you ever used Pilot Acroball Pure White Vivid Ball Point Pens? Well if you had, you’d know why they’re my favorite. These are my holy grail pens, especially in blue ink (sorry, these two in my giveaway are black ink: couldn’t find any blue ink ones at the store).


Why is it that the pastel Easter peanut M&Ms taste better than regular peanut M&Ms? The world may never know.


These Target Cateye sunnies have a bit of the cat eye look, but they’re subtle — almost more like a larger Wayfarer shape. The pink/coral pearl acetate sides are pretty, and they have a rose gold tint to the lenses. Spotted them at Target and knew you’d like them. 🙂


This little cutie is a wood-edged flush-mount pineapple. It’s 6″ x 6″ x 1.5″ so it would be perfect for your gallery wall or maybe the kitchen or bathroom.


That’s it! Hope you love all of these items as much as I do!

everyday teacher style signature

Note: I purchased all of these items for the giveaway except for the $50 Jord gift card, which was given to me by Jord Wood Watches. Nearly all of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means clicking on them may result in my earning a small commission. I truly appreciate your support of my blog. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.



  1. This is such a great giveaway Jenny! Congratulations on 3 years of blogging and I would love to see more home projects and/or fashion picks.

    • Thank you, Cassie! I will be doing some home projects over the next couple of months, so I’ll be sure to post about them. Love doing the fashion picks posts, too. Thanks again! ~Jenny

  2. Congrats on your 3 year blogiversary! Anything fashion related is my fav but I am interested in fitness posts too! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

    • Thanks, Sharon! I’ve been wanting to incorporate more fitness posts. I have one coming up in April where I share about my 3-year fitness journey. I’m working with a real photographer on that one, so I’m really excited to be working on that one. Stay tuned! ~Jenny

  3. As a fellow teacher, I’d love to see pieces or outfits that are for work and also for a night out. I’m always looking for multipurpose outfits!

    • Ashley, it really is! I have a separate one for myself, too. The size is just right to carry your essentials and I’m pretty much always a tote girl (love being able to grab my stuff at any time without barriers – LOL). And the straw is so on-trend right now. ~Jenny

  4. I love the BaubleBar Mitra Y Choker Necklace! I would love to see more fashion picks.

    • Shirley, that necklace is so pretty! It would be especially great for summer. Summer and turquoise are two of my favorite things. I’ll incorporate more fashion picks in this year. They’re always fun to blog about. ~Jenny

    • Stephanie, I thought the little tassels were cute, too. They were only $2 at Target so I bought one for the giveaway and then another one to put on my own bag that I have that’s identical to the one in the giveaway. ~Jenny

  5. I love the necklace. I use the Pilot G2 fine point right now but I am going to pick up the Acroball pens and give them a try.

    • Melissa, I love the G2 pens, too! Those and the white Acroball pens (especially in blue ink – don’t know why, but I like writing in blue ink better than black) are my go-to pens for both school and home. ~Jenny

    • LaTanya, it’s so cute! I love the size and style of it. I have one myself, besides the one in the giveaway, and it’s my current favorite.

  6. I like the Cork Notebook by Mead. I would keep that at my desk at home.

    • That pineapple art is so cute. I have a thing for pineapples — probably because summer is my favorite and pineapples always make me think of summer and fun. ~Jenny

    • Oh my goodness, Ellie, they’re adorable in person! I liked them so much when I was at Target a few weeks ago I got 2 pairs so I could keep one and put the other pair in the giveaway. The rose gold lenses and shell-type pattern of the frames look so good together. ~Jenny

  7. My favorite item is the amazon gift card, which can be anything I want it to be…

    I’d love to see healthy meal ideas and book reviews.

    • I love that about Amazon, too. And I’ll definitely incorporate more meal ideas and book reviews. Working on a post about Wildcard: 7 Steps to an Educator’s Creative Breakthrough, by Hope & Wade King. I really enjoyed it and took a lot from it even though it’s probably more geared toward middle school and below teachers. Stay tuned! ~Jenny M.

    • YES! They’re my all-time favorite candy. I don’t know what it is about those colors that make already-awesome peanut M&M’s taste even better. 🙂 ~Jenny

  8. How cute is that summer bag?!?! And this blog?!?? Ivy and I just looked at all your goodies and are obsessed!!

    • Hey, Julie. Right there with you on the clean, kid-friendly recipes. I also love sharing about budget-friendly outfits. Hope you are having a good spring so far! ~Jenny

  9. As a mom and a teacher you can never have too many hacks to get you through the day. 🙂 Also, out of all the things you have up for a giveaway, my favorite are the Easter Peanut M&M’s. Yum!

    • You are so right about never having too many get-through-the-day hacks for teacher-moms. Those Easter Peanut M&M’s are my all-time favorite candy. I’m glad they only come out in the spring or I’d be in trouble. 😀 ~Jenny

  10. I’d love to see more Stitch Fix reviews in particular, but more outfit posts in general are always wanted!

    • Great ideas, Aarthi! I love doing Stitch Fix reviews. Should have one coming up in the next few weeks, actually. I always slow down the frequency of my Fix orders over the winter just because of the crazy business of the holidays, but now that spring’s back I’ve got one coming. Thanks! ~Jenny

  11. I would love more outfit roundups, I love the ones you post! I would also say a classroom tour, but you just posted it LOL

    • That’s funny, Jenna. I’ll definitely incorporate more outfit roundups this next year. I’ve been meaning to post a classroom tour for probably a year now, but I just never remember to take my good camera with me to school to take photos. Finally got it done this week since I’m on spring break. 🙂 ~Jenny

  12. Love the tote, Baublebar necklace, and nail polish to get me ready for summer. Aloha!

    • Hey, Cynthia! Sounds like you are just as ready for summer as I am. Glad it’s coming soon! Thanks for stopping by! ~Jenny

  13. I just found your blog & while I’m not a teacher I love your content! I enjoy reviews & try-on’s especially with sizing tips.

    • Hi, Carrie! Thanks for the love, girl. I don’t think my style is all that teacher-specific. I really just go for stylish and comfortable, which is probably a lot of people’s style. 😀 Thanks for stopping by! ~Jenny

  14. Cute loot, Jenny! The dry shampoo looks great, and I love the pineapple print. I also like your featured book idea for your classroom. I’m sure your students love the thoughtful spaces you’ve created. See you over on IG. happy Easter!

  15. Love the notebook because I’m obsessed with notebooks and the gift cards!! And the notebook pad! Thanks for giveaway!! I’m NIcky Marie on the rafflecopter

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