Move Over, Lulu — My Review of Seni by FitRebel Leggings (+ a Promo Code!)

Seni by Fit Rebel Leggings


You guys, check out these beautiful batik leggings! Recently I was contacted by Nadia Hasbi, a young entrepreneur based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who designs a line of STUNNING active leggings and capris. Nadia offered to send me a pair of her SENI by Fitrebel leggings for an honest review on the blog. I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but when I checked out her designs (view them here), I was blown away by the beautiful batik art…on leggings.


Nadia’s first collection of leggings features batik, a traditional Malaysian art form. What I love about the collection is the vibrant colors and fun designs. They were so bright and cheerful! She let me pick which ones I wanted to try, and it was tough because they were all beautiful. There were a lot of different designs to choose from, and here are the 5 I narrowed it down to before eventually choosing the design I wanted to try:


As you can see, I ended up choosing the Tropical Jungle Design capris. I pretty much exclusively work out in capris rather than full-length leggings, and I’m really liking palm leaf prints this year, so the Tropical Jungle design ticked all of my boxes.


My Review of SENI by FitRebel Capris

There are several things I look for in workout clothes, and although I’ve tried a lot of brands, I mainly stick with Lululemon because they tend to work well for me in terms of their appearance, lack of opaqueness, great performance, and compression levels, despite their being pricey. To see if the function of these SENI capris was anywhere near their beautiful form, I put them through a 2.5-hour sweatfest the very next day after they arrived in the mail. Here are my thoughts.



Well, OBVIOUSLY the design is beautiful. The colors are bright and true, and the backdrop is a crisp white with shades of very light aqua. So we know they’re beautiful to look at, but I always want to know if the design will stretch out and look strange on my legs and backside, or if the color of printed areas will look lighter in areas where the capris are being stretched more tightly (talkin’ ’bout you, hips and thighs). These capris are very stretchy, but the design itself looked the same on me or off of me. That’s impressive, because usually I get a little bit of print distortion in the quad/thigh area when I wear capris with larger print designs. I got tons of compliments on these today, and my gym girl friends all thought they were very flattering as well as pretty to look at.


SENI by Fitrebel Tropical Jungle

Seni by Fit Rebel Leggings

SENI by Fitrebel Tropical Jungle Print



You always, always, always want your capris or leggings to be opaque in certain areas. I was a little worried about these being see-through in the white areas because the material was so lightweight and silky feeling. I do think if you wore dark colored undergarments (black, navy, etc.), they would show through in the white areas of these capris. I wore nude/tan colored undergarments and you could see the faintest hint of an outline along the edges in the white areas of the capris. Nothing can be seen through the printed areas at all, though.  Just like with any light colored workout pants, you do need to be careful of what you wear underneath them. Aside from their decent opaqueness, because the fabric is so lightweight, you can see the fabric line of undergarments that are not seamless. With a pair of nude, seamless undergarments, though, it’s all good.  Truthfully, I asked a couple of ladies at the gym to check as I did a squat test, and they said everything looked just fine.



Speaking of squats, another thing you want in your workout pants is for them to be able to move with you. I can say that these capris were amazing in the performance category. They could stretch just as far as I can, and I liked that they didn’t get “stretched out” and start to droop or get wrinkles in the knee area. I was very impressed at how I never had to pull them up at the waist like I do with almost every other type of workout pants that don’t have an inner drawstring (these don’t). They were snug and compressive, yet breathable and EXTREMELY flexible. They seemed to do a good job of wicking sweat, too. I did everything from straddle stretches and runner’s lunges to sit-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, fire hydrants, jump squats, floor jacks, tuck jumps, roundhouse kicks, and on and on (total sweat sesh), and I never even noticed them, which is some of the highest praise you can give to workout pants.


SENI by FitRebel Squat


SENI by Fitrebel Lunge


SENI by Fitrebel Lunge


SENI by Fitrebel Stretch


Compression Level: Light to Medium

These pants were great for a sweaty kickboxing and resistance training session because they were so lightweight and breathable. They were compressive enough so that the cellulite on my legs was smoothed, but light enough that I didn’t feel squeezed and I could bend, stretch, and move any direction I needed to. They were almost like lightweight second skin. I don’t really do yoga much, but I think these would be great for yoga because of all of their flexibility. Next time I hit up a yoga class I’ll wear these and see. They do have a wider waistband, which is flattering. Truth be told, I like my waistbands a little wider still but that’s just because I have a lump of scar tissue on the lower left side of my stomach from my first C-section and it hits just beneath the waistband of these capris. Some of my pants with a wider waistband hold that spot in a little better, but for most people, this waistband is very flattering. Here are a few photos so you can see how wide it is when worn.

SENI by Fitrebel Waistband


And in the photo below you can see on the back waistband it says “Seni by (FitRebel logo)” there.


SENI by Fitrebel Waistband


The Bottom Line

All in all, I absolutely loved these capris! Nadia gave me this first pair free of charge, but I am already in the midst of trying to decide which design I want for the next pair, which I will buy. Speaking of buying, the prices are good: all of the capris and leggings are between $51 – $56, MUCH less than what I pay for my Lulus, even with the instructor discount. Oh, and I checked: FitRebel also has an instructor discount, as well as an ambassador program for social media influencers (throwing that out there for my fitness instructor and influencer friends). I am totally applying!


Plus, I loved Nadia’s story of her personal and professional journey (watch her inspiring TEDx Talk here), and her reason for making these beautiful workout pants: “…to create a line of leggings so beautiful, that you can’t help but to WANT to work out more, because you want to wear these leggings more often.” This is SO true for me, as it is for a lot of other women I know. I love that inside the waistband it says, “train fiercely, sweat beautifully.”


Seni by FitRebel Label


Just for you: a FitRebel Promo Code!

How about a discount? If you’re all ready to snag a pair of these art-inspired leggings, you’re in luck because you can get 10% off of your order by using promo code JENNYM10 at checkout.


So as the title of this post indicates, I am moving my Lulus to make some room in my workout pants drawer because I know these capris won’t be my only pair of SENI by FitRebel leggings.

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NOTE: The Tropical Jungle SENI by FitRebel capris featured in this post were given to me free of charge by FitRebel. My review of the capris reflects my own experience with and thoughts about the capris.









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