Stitch Fix 44: Everything I Asked For

In all the time I’ve been doing Stitch Fix, I have never really asked for specific items. Part of the fun of Stitch Fix is having the stylist send you things you might not even give a second glance in-store or online, but that you end up loving once you try on. But in my 44th Fix I discovered how functional this service can be. Every single item I received in this Fix was one that I requested in a note to my stylist. She delivered, and then some! Check out what I received this time.

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1. Tahari ASL “Mada” Laser Cut Midi Jumpsuit – $114

One thing I’ve really been wanting to try is a jumpsuit. I’ve seen so many cute ones on Insta lately — from casual slouchy-comfy ones to dressy ones to strappy cropped ones that look perfect for summer. With short legs and a long torso, things like rompers and jumpsuits don’t always flatter my shape, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a pro send me one to try. This jumpsuit is gorgeous as you can see, and it’s made of a more dressy crepe material. The top has a cutout pattern (see close-up below) that made it anything but basic black. I was so, so tempted to buy this but didn’t end up keeping it for two reasons: (1) I never dress up, so even though I loved this, I probably wouldn’t have much occasion to wear it; and (2) my short, stumpy legs failed me again, making this “midi” length almost too long and overpower on me. Guess I could have gotten it hemmed, but since it was already over $100, I didn’t want to have to spend more money on it.

Verdict: Sent it back, reluctantly

Stitch Fix Tahari ASL Jumpsuit Mada Laser Cut Midi


I did have some fun playing around with different ways to style this jumpsuit before it went back. I like the addition of a belt to help better define the waistline.


Here’s the cutout detail on the top part. Gorgeous, right? One other negative to the fit was that the top part around the chest and torso was pretty loose (almost baggy) on me, but I think if I sized down the torso would be too short and make a wedgie situation a real possibility.

Stitch Fix Tahari ASL Jumpsuit Mada Laser Cut Midi


Here it is styled a few more ways.

Stitch Fix Tahari ASL Jumpsuit Mada Laser Cut Midi

Stitch Fix Tahari ASL Jumpsuit Mada Laser Cut Midi

Stitch Fix Tahari ASL Jumpsuit Mada Laser Cut Midi


In this last photo you can really see how the length is, unfortunately, just too much.

Stitch Fix Tahari ASL Jumpsuit Mada Laser Cut Midi


2. Level 99 “Meela” High Rise Skinny Jean – $98

I requested a pair of olive jeans because I love the look and color for all 4 seasons. These pants were exactly what I asked for, but they just didn’t flatter me. The zipper was a little too short for the mid-rise waist, and although these jeans would probably look fabulous on someone else, the back pockets didn’t look right on me. To top all of this off, these jeans ran small on me. It’s possible had I requested an exchange and sized up that might have done the trick, but they were already a bit long in the inseam for me and that would only get worse with a larger size.

Verdict: Sent them back

Level 99 Meela High Rise Skinny Jean Olive



3. Margaret M “Lea” Printed Short – $68

Printed shorts were another item I had requested. I love the look of fun, summery print fabrics on shorts. The shorts I received fit perfectly and were very flattering and comfy (the perfect ration of stretch and structure), but the two things that kept me from buying these were (1) the colors didn’t match a lot of my current clothes, and (2) no pockets. Not having pockets is a complete deal-breaker for me when it comes to shorts and pants. I am a pocket fanatic! Where else am I going to put my hands when I’m not holding things? LOL

Verdict: Sent them back

Margaret M Lea Printed Short

Here’s a close-up of the beautiful print. I loved that it wasn’t exactly floral, and it wasn’t exactly “painterly” or polka dot. It was a bit of a mix of all of these.

Margaret M Lea Printed Short


4. Pistola “Drea” Distressed Scissor Cut Hem Slim Straight Leg Jean – $88

Another item I requested was some cropped straight leg (loose fit) distressed white jeans. Kind of a tall order, I know. My stylist delivered with these cuties. I almost kept these, but like with the Level 99 skinnies, the zipper was a bit too short for the rise (on me), and another downside was that the material was quite stretchy so they really didn’t didn’t give “loose/straight” vibe I was going for. And as usual, even though they were intended to be cropped, they weren’t that cropped on me. Curse you, short, stumpy legs. So although these were cute, they weren’t “the ones” for me.

Verdict: Sent them back

Pistola Drea Distressed Scissor Cut Hem Slim Straight Leg Jean


5. Market & Spruce “Lorraine” Short – $54

The last thing I had requested was some “bright” colored chino shorts. These are exactly that, and I loved the fun color and soft, comfy feel of the material. They were not keepers for me due to the length (too long on my) and the price (much higher than I usually pay for chino shorts).

Verdict: Sent them back

Market & Spruce Lorraine Short


Worth it!

So even though I didn’t buy anything from this Fix, I found it extremely valuable because I now have a much better idea of what to look for in those 5 pieces I’m still looking for. I want a more casual jumpsuit that’s shorter in length and maybe not as loose/baggy. I want olive jeans that are a better fit for me. I want printed shorts that have pockets. I want white jeans that are more cropped with distressing and also looser (more “summery”). Finally, the perfect chinos for me would be shorter and at a lower price. I love that I can shoot all of this feedback to my stylist and so the next Fix will be even more targeted to my unique (okay, picky!) taste and style.


How Does It Work?

If you’re new to Stitch Fix, basically you fill out a questionnaire so your Stitch Fix stylist can nail down your style, size, shape, and preferences. Then for a $20 styling fee that is credited toward any purchase you make from your Fix, you receive 5 items to try. Stitch Fix has ideas for everyone, offering plus and petite sizes, maternity, and even men’s styling. It’s definitely worth trying if you’re curious.


Stitch Fix has become an invaluable partner in my wardrobe, introducing me to all kinds of new brands, styles, and colors, but also helping me know what works — and what doesn’t — on me.

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Stitch Fix Jumpsuit


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