Stitch Fix #47: This Is Me

Stitch Fix Madewell Leopard Aerosmith

Stitch Fix review time, y’all! This one was one of my favorites yet. My stylist, Jan, absolutely nailed my style with these cute, casual pieces.

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Most likely you’ve heard of Stitch Fix before, but in case you haven’t, it’s a styling service where you fill out a detailed questionnaire, pay a $20 styling fee, and an amazing stylist like Jen sends you 5 pieces to try on at home. Yep, you don’t have to get outside where it’s so “people-y” and you can still try on cute clothes to see if you want to buy them. If you’re like me and don’t have a lot of time to shop, whether in person or online for that matter, Stitch Fix is a great option to keep your style up to date at a budget you set in advance. You can arrange to have Fixes sent as often (or not often) as you want, and you can also set up just a one-time Fix every now and then without any subscription.Β  Check out the goodies I received this time!

Stitch Fix

1. Berry Jewelry ‘Coriander’ Statement Necklace ($38.00)

Stitch Fix Berry Jewelry Necklace Coriander

I had been thinking lately I haven’t been wearing many necklaces this fall. One look at this and I changed that pretty fast. This necklace looks just as good with a graphic tee as it does with a date-night dress.

Verdict: Kept it


2. Chaser ‘Loxi’ Vintage Aerosmith Band Tee ($54.00)

Stitch Fix Chaser Aerosmith Band Tee

This.Tee.Is.So.Soft! I will admit that the $54 price tag was pretty excessive for a t-shirt, but once I tried it on and saw how flattering the cut was and how soft the material was, I really, really wanted to keep it. I Googled around a bit and couldn’t find anything like it, so I did end up buying it. Don’t tell anyone I spend over $50 for a t-shirt. :-/

Verdict: Kept it


3. Sophie Rue ‘Demeter’ Cardigan ($48)

Stitch Fix Sophie Rue Demeter Cardigan

It’s hard to take a nice photo of a cardigan, so this photo doesn’t do it justice. This cardi hits just above the knee and it’s really soft. I loved that the cut was simple, and when you wear this cardi, the outfit underneath it takes center stage. It’s as cozy as a robe — oh, so comfy. I already have a long black cardigan, but I like this one way better than the one I have. If I hadn’t just spent $54 on a t-shirt, I definitely would have gotten this cardigan and donated the not-as-good one hanging in my closest.

Verdict: Sent it back


4. Madewell Garment Dyed Button Front High Rise Skinny Jean ($135)

Madewell High Rise Skinny Tan Jeans

This color, right? It makes me think of salted caramel. I had never tried any Madewell jeans before this Fix, but once I tried these on, I immediately knew why everyone else raves about them: Madewell just knows how to make jeans that fit comfortably and look amazing. And for me this price tag was high, but I decided these jeans were worth the investment.

Verdict: Kept them


5. J.Crew Mercantile ‘Montie’ Graphic Tee ($32.50)

Stitch Fix J Crew Mercantile Frenchie Tee

Isn’t this tee just the cutest? The sunnies on the Frenchie are shimmery gold, too. The color is kind of a very pale light blue-green, not white, so it’s not your typical graphic tee. I really liked this, and like the Chaser tee, the fit and feel were amazing. However, you have to draw the line somewhere and I had already spent more than I had planned on this Stitch Fix. But I really would have loved wearing this cutie.

Verdict: Sent it back


This Fix

My style is definitely casual, comfy, and slightly trendy. The type of pieces Jan sent in this Stitch Fix all fit this pattern. I love how I could take any one of these pieces and dress it up or down, mixing in a dress and heels or even joggers. The graphic tees both look amazing with blazers, and the blue-gold-black-tan color scheme is right up my alley. I really would have loved to keep all 5 of these items, and if I had, I’d have gotten a 25% discount on my order. My budget for this month’s Stitch Fix was $100 and I blew way over it, so now I get to cut back other places for a while (see ya, Starbucks and this month’s mani-pedi).

Stitch Fix Review

Don’t these items all look so cute together? The leopard shoes were mine (shop them here), and leopard print just seems to be made for these other colors and styles. That’s good, because lately it seems like I don’t leave the house unless I’m wearing something leopard. πŸ˜€


Stay tuned for another Stitch Fix Kids review coming up in the next few weeks!

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