Stitch Fix Kids Review, Box #2

Stitch Fix Kids Review #2

If you saw our first Stitch Fix Kids review, you know my son and I really enjoyed the experience. This second Stitch Fix Kids box was no different. I’m once again amazed how my son, who can’t stand shopping and trying on clothes, actually enjoys shopping for clothes this way. He says he likes the fact that we don’t have to go to a store and look around “at boring stuff,” and he can try it all on at once at home rather than going from place to place. In his words, “Less shopping and less travel means more time to play!” 😀 Take a look at what we received this time from Stitch Fix Kids stylist Susana B.

Disclaimer: Shopping via the affiliate links in this post means I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. I only share products and brands that I love and think you will, too. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own (and this time, my son’s). 🙂



1. Rumi + Ryder “The Classic” Soft Washed Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt ($20)

Stitch Fix Kids Puffer Vest

Mom’s Thoughts: Love this bright, cheerful plaid! Really wish I could get him to wear shirts like this more often.

My Son’s Thoughts: This looks nice and fancy, but I’d probably only wear it to church.

Verdict: Sent it back


2. Sovereign Code “Kart” Puffer Hooded Vest ($32)

Stitch Fix Kids Puffer Vest

Mom’s Thoughts: Cute vest – I hadn’t thought of getting him a vest as opposed to a jacket. Good layering piece.

My Son’s Thoughts: A lot of kids at school wear vests like this and I’ve been wishing I had one. I wouldn’t get so hot running around at recess with this.

Verdict: Kept it


3. Tailor Vintage “Emilio” Stretch Knit Jogger Pant ($24)

Stitch Fix Kids Jogger Pants Sweater

Mom’s Thoughts: These look really cute, but there’s not much extra room to grow.

My Son’s Thoughts: I like these, but if I grow much more this winter, they won’t fit.

Verdict: Sent them back


4. Tailor Vintage “David” Raglan Dorrito Long Sleeve Graphic Tee ($16)

Stitch Fix Kids Graphic Tee

Mom’s Thoughts: I love the colors in this tee, especially the sleeves. It looks great with tan and khaki pants and jeans!

Son’s Thoughts: I like the buffalo, but I don’t wear buffaloes and cowboy clothes too much.

Verdict: Sent it back


5. Threads 4 Thought “Ronnie” Pullover Hoodie ($24)

Stitch Fix Kids Olive Pullover Hoodie

Mom’s Thoughts: This is SO soft! He’s already got several sweatshirts, but this one is not as sporty as his others (a.k.a., doesn’t say Nike or Under Armour on it) so it might be good.

My Son’s Thoughts: This feels so nice! Can I keep it?

Verdict: Kept it


6. Capsule “Reggie” Cargo Jogger Pant ($22)

Stitch Fix Kids Camo Joggers

Mom’s Thoughts: Whoa, those are really big on him. Love the camo, though.

My Son’s Thoughts: Too big.

Verdict: Sent them back


7. Tailor Vintage “Kelso” Rugby Color Block Fleece Hoodie ($30) AND

8. Hanna Anderson “Jaxon” Knit Pocket Tee ($16)

Stitch Fix Kids Tee and Hoodie

My Thoughts: Cute hoodie! He’s already got a zip-up hoodie, though. Love the bold stripes on this tee, and the material is nice and thick.

My Son’s Thoughts: I think we should keep the hoodie! The t-shirt is nice.

Verdict: Sent them both back


9. DL1961 “Timmy” Slim Leg Stretch Chino Pant ($28)

Stitch Fix Kids Navy Chinos

Mom’s Thoughts: Wow, these fit him GREAT! He doesn’t have a lot of tops and shirts that would go with the navy, but they look really good on him.

My Son’s Thoughts: These are nice. They’d be good for church.

Verdict: Sent them back, reluctantly


10. Michael Gerald “Spencer” Fair Isle Quarter Zip Sweater ($24)

Stitch Fix Kids Sweater

Mom’s Thoughts: Oooh, this sweater is really nice and it would be perfect for holiday events! It looks great with these navy pants, but it also looks great with tan chinos, joggers, and jeans. We are going to keep this.

My Son’s Thoughts: This is nice. I could wear it to church.

Verdict: Kept it


Review of Stitch Fix Kids #2

Once again, the Stitch Fix Kids stylist did a great job of giving us what we asked for and more. I had enclosed a note asking for a few pieces my son could dress up or down for the upcoming holidays, and she delivered on these pieces. You can tell from my son’s comments that anything that’s not a sweatshirt or sweatpants is “church clothes.” If you have any tips on how to get boys to want to dress up a little more for everyday life, I would welcome them.


The quality of all of these pieces was very good, and the price range was right in our ballpark ($15 – $30). If I knew I could get my son to wear them more often, I would have also kept the button up shirt, the navy chinos, and maybe even the tan joggers even though they were a tad on the snug side.


Once again he was excited when his Stitch Fix Kids box arrived and tore into it without even waiting for me to grab my camera. I like that this is something he and I can to together that’s more in line with my own hobbies and interests (usually we play ball, board games, Legos, and things more in line with his hobbies and interests). I also like that it gets him thinking about his likes and dislikes and reasons for them. I know clothes aren’t the most important thing in life, but I have so many students who either (1) don’t know whether or not they like something and (2) can’t describe what they like or dislike about it and (3) why. So as an English teacher, I appreciate that my son’s try-on sessions give him practice in discerning his likes, dislikes, and priorities when it comes to something.


How Does It Work?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix Kids, it’s an online styling service (spun off from parent company Stitch Fix) for kids. You fill out a questionnaire of your child’s sizes, shape, preferences, budget, etc., and the Stitch Fix Kids stylist sends a box with 10 items for your child to try on. There is a $20 styling fee, but that’s credited toward any purchase you make. You keep what you want and send back what you don’t in the postage-paid envelope. If you decide to buy all 10 pieces, you get a 25% discount on everything. Stitch Fix has services for kids, women, and men, and offers all types of sizes including maternity, plus, petite, tall, etc. I have used Stitch Fix myself for about 4 years now, and this is my son’s second box. You can sign up for a subscription or you can just order a one-time fix — whatever you like. I really enjoy this service, and I think they work hard to make it a fun, easy, and valuable experience.


Gift Idea

Stitch Fix gift cards make a great gift idea for anyone on your list. It’s the type of gift that offers a fun experience, but it’s also customizable so the recipient gets what they want, how they want it. Just thought I’d drop that out there since we’re rolling up on holiday season here.


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