Fun and Unique DIY Holiday Card Ideas

family christmas card ideas

Are you a paper holiday card person or do you share your holiday greetings via social media? Or maybe you take a hybrid approach. Whatever your method, chances are you spend some time each year putting together your card. I like to include a family photo in our Christmas cards every year, and I love getting photo cards from friends and family that I don’t see often. Some years I do the traditional family photo card with a decent photo of the 5 of us from a vacation or get-together and call it a day. However, my favorite cards over the years have been the ones that are fun and creative. Cute cards (cue the people tied up on strings of lights or the ones where a family is reflected in a metallic ornament) are nice, but I’m partial to funny cards. Today I’m sharing a few simple photo holiday card ideas that you can whip up in an afternoon even if you’re not a Photoshop wizard. I used PicMonkey and Paint to make the two of my own shown here.

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Fun & Unique Photo Card Ideas

1. Holiday Movie Themed Cards

This is my all-time favorite Christmas card. I was at the top of my game back in 2011 and haven’t been there since. To make this, I took photos of my three sons with specific facial expressions (and a stocking hat) and then incorporated a photo of a Christmas tree and a window-type background with square shapes.

home alone christmas holiday card

Here’s another movie-themed card featuring Elf. I couldn’t find the source info for this image (please let me know if you know where it came from), but I do know there are templates similar to this one available on Etsy that you can purchase. I think it would be simple enough to swap out heads with a similar background, but it wouldn’t be this precise.Β Updated 21 July 2019: The Elf card design below was created byΒ 

elf themed family christmas holiday card

2. Theme Park Ride Photo Cards

Here’s my 2018 Christmas card (close your eyes if you’re one of the people I’ll be sending this to soon). I used a photo from our summer trip to Universal Orlando (I believe this was from The Mummy ride) and incorporated it and these unsuspecting people in the car with my guys in our family card this year. I cropped out some of the other rows of passengers in the ride, but left the ones just in front of my boys because their facial expressions were so funny. This one was a snap to make with PicMonkeyΒ (there is a free version, but I get the Basic $5.99/month plan for more features) because they have cute little holiday theme pack icons like these hats and ornaments that I just dropped in and resized.

theme park photo holiday christmas card

3. Head Swap Cards

I’ve seen a few cards like this one, and I especially love it when there’s a baby or a pet involved. Again, I couldn’t find a source – please let me know if you know where it came from so I can give credit.

head swap photo holiday christmas card

4. Giant Pet Family Photo Cards

These cards often involve the good old family pet, but I’ve seen a few with some dinosaurs or wild animals used as well. I like the idea of using the family pet like they did in the card below (source credit? anyone?).

family photo christmas holiday card

5. Thought Bubble Family Photo Card

This card (couldn’t find source) is another idea that would be so simple to do with an easy photo editor like PicMonkey or whatever you use. I like the fact that you could just shoot a photo of the fambam in everyday clothes with thoughtful expressions, add the thought bubbles, and boom, you’re done. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to do one of these and include the family pet wishing for something?

speech bubble photo family holiday christmas card

6. #RealLife Family Photo Card

Okay, this photo is not one from a holiday card, but I can see staging a photo like this pretty easily at home. You could even take one Christmas morning where all of the post-gift-fest carnage is lying about and people are in their jammies, hair messed up, and maybe even looking like they had a little too much Christmas candy. Then you already have your card for the following year! Danielle Guenther, the photographer that took this photo has a whole series of “real life moment” pictures and they are all amazing and highly relatable.

danielle guenther rush hour photo

Happy snapping, friends! And if you’ve made or found a unique and fun photo card lately, I’d love to see it!

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    • Absolutely! Glad I can finally put source info on it. I couldn’t find source info for this one and for several others here as I stated on the post. I’ll add your info right now. Thanks again.

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