Athleta All Over Gleam Tight Review: How Do They Compare to Spanx?

Athleta All Over Gleam Tight Review

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Have you jumped on the faux leather leggings bandwagon yet? Spanx leggings are the most well known kind, but there are a lot of other great options out there in a variety of price ranges. I recently tried the Athleta All Over Gleam Tight and I’ve gotten so many questions about them on Instagram I thought I’d do a more in-depth review here on the blog for those who are curious.

Athleta All Over Gleam Tight Front View


The Athleta All Over Gleam tights are tight, but they aren’t shaping tights with a lot of compression like the Spanx ones. The waist/rise is a bit higher in the Spanx as well. Because I have large knees, the Spanx leggings squeeze and result in unflattering creases behind my knees. Several reviews of the All Over Gleam tights said the knees were too loose, so I knew that would bode well for my bigger knees. There is a little looseness behind my knees, but none of the unflattering creases, and the knees are definitely not baggy.  As for length, they come in regular, petite, tall, and plus sizes (as do the Spanx). I got the petite size because although I’m 5’5″ I have really short legs. They hit me right at the ankle, which is where I wanted them to be. I felt like they were very flattering both to my thicker legs and backside.

Athleta All Over Gleam Tight Side View


The feel of these tights is in the ballpark of PU (think vinyl restaurant booth material). They’re more “smooth” than “sticky,” but if you are sitting on a varnished wood bench, it might be hard for you to slide sideways on the bench. Know what I mean? The material is on the thicker side, so I don’t think I’d want to wear these in the summertime. However, they’re thick and fitted enough that they hide cellulite and minor bumps and bulges. The Spanx material is thinner, but holds you in more (it’s more compressive). I find the Spanx faux leather legging material to be a bit scratchy on my skin, but the Gleam Tights are smooth against the skin. The Gleam Tights are a bit more shiny than the Spanx, but I would not call them “liquid” faux leather leggings. They do not have any texture to them like most of the Spanx do.

Athleta All Over Gleam Tight Rear View


These Athleta All Over Gleam Tights typically sell for $89, but Athleta runs sales pretty frequently, so you could get them cheaper. The Spanx faux leather leggings normally sell for $98 – $110 depending on the style. 

Athleta All Over Gleam Tight Review

Color & Style

Athleta All Over Gleam Tights

The All Over Gleam Tights come in 2 colors: black and “Arbor Olive.” I ordered the olive ones, but I really thought the color was more of a gray in most lighted settings. I ended up sending them back because I just couldn’t think of anything except black tops to wear them with. The black ones are super-versatile and you can make them dressy, casual, or even athleisure-sporty.  

Spanx Leggings

Spanx faux leather leggings do come in more styles and colors. You can get everything from plain ones to ones with a tuxedo stripe ,  moto style leggings, both camo and sequin faux leather leggings, and even velvet leggings! There are also a few more colors to choose from, such as olive, gray, brown, red, and other colors. 

Overall Opinion

The Athleta All Over Gleam Tights are stylish, flattering, comfortable, and a little less expensive than Spanx faux leather leggings. They provide less shaping than Spanx and there are fewer styles and colors, but I would definitely recommend these tights to anyone who wants a more comfortable and affordable option. 

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