Perk Up Your Decor on a Budget with Thrifted Finds

Everyday Teacher Style Thrift Store Blog Hop

Perk Up Your Decor on a Budget with Thrifted Finds

We’re in that long stretch between the winter holidays and spring when it’s easy for the blahs to set in. One fun way to mix things up a little is to bring home something unique from your favorite local thrift store. It’s always a treasure hunt: you never know what you’re going to find, do you? In fact, some of the decor items in my home that spark the most joy (see what I did there, Marie K?) are thrifted finds.

Today I’ve joined forces with a 6 of my favorite blogger besties to bring you our favorite thrift store finds. If you’re visiting from Live Laugh Rowe, The Dark Plum, Everyday Mrs, Sugar Spice and Style That’s Nice, or Curlybirdie Chirps, I’m so glad you’re here! Grab a cup of coffee and let’s take a stroll around my house. I’ll show you some of the cool pieces I’ve found at thrift stores, and then you can hop on over to the other ladies’ blogs for even more great thrifted finds.

Mid-Century Marvelous

This. Chair. Can you believe I picked this Danish beauty up for $15 at a second-hand store? It was one of those thrift stores that looks like it could be featured on an episode of Hoarders: full of sketchy-looking clothes, dirty toys, mountains of ugly dishes and tupperware, and threadbare apartment furniture. You know, the kind where you feel kind of dusty and musty walking out.

Danish Rope Chair Everyday Teacher Style

I aim for a beachy-casual midcentury vibe at home, and this chair was begging to be a part of it.

Everyday Teacher Style Danish Rope Chair

It’s seen better days, to be sure: but that’s part of the adventure with thrifted finds. All I need to do is Google “Danish cord weaving” or “Danish rope chair repair” and I’ll have oodles of videos to show me how to re-weave this baby.

Danish Rope Chair Seat

But for now, I just toss a sheepskin over the seat and call it a day if we have guests. I can’t wait to get this beauty restored to its former glory.

Danish Rope Lounge Chair Midcentury Vibes

Happy Chippendale Dance

This bamboo-detail Chippendale style chair came from one of our local Goodwill stores. The woodwork was what caught my eye…definitely not the current upholstery and paint. I handed over a whopping $10 and she was mine.

Chinese Chippendale Style Chair Thrifted Chinoiserie Upholstery Makeover Thrifted Chair

I painted the woodwork gold and reupholstered it in navy chinoiserie fabric (no small task for a beginner like me). You can read all about this transformation here. Yeah, it doesn’t really fit with the beachy-casual Midcentury vibe I have going in the rest of the house, but it still makes me smile when I look at it. That’s what really counts, I think.

Knick Knack, Alla That

Aside from these two incredible chair finds, my typical score at a thrift store is cute, quirky home decor items. Here are a few of my favorites.

Hammered Silver Mug With Flowers Thrifted Find

This cute $1.00 mug still had an old Walmart sticker stuck to the bottom. A little Goo Gone and a some elbow grease and you’d never know that’s where it hailed from. I don’t drink out of it, but I sure love how it looks with some blooms in it.

Brass Urn Thrifted Find

Okay, technically this brass urn wasn’t from a thrift STORE. My 9-year-old son came home with it after riding his bike around the neighborhood on the townwide garage sale day. He usually comes home with Nerf guns, but he knows I like brass home dec items so he snagged this for me on his rounds. Nice job, buddy!

Elephant Tea Pot China Thrifted Find

I got this at a local thrift store run by a church, but I know exactly where it came from. They used to sell these at Target awhile back. I loved them when I saw them in the store, but never pulled the trigger. Fine by me, because years later I paid $3 instead of $30 for it. You can still buy these new for around $12, but I like to think one you found is much more special.

Ikea Expedit Bookshelves with Thrifted Finds, Antiques, and New Items

As you can tell from these square Ikea bookshelves behind my desk in my home office, I don’t overthink my decor. I love mixing thrift store finds in along with antiques and new items. Look for unique shapes, colors, materials, or just whatever catches your eye. And, hey, the beauty of thrifted finds is you weren’t out too much in the first place, so if they aren’t keepers, it’s okay to donate them back later on when you want to switch things up.

Time to Get Hopping!

You’re in luck, because the other ladies you’re about to visit are far more talented than I at, well, just about everything. Get ready for some thrift store inspiration!

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Everyday Teacher Style Perk Up Your Home Decor on a Budget with Thrifted Finds

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  1. Jenny!!! Your house is so beautiful ? I am completely in love with your Danish chair – truly the ultimate score

  2. Such great finds Jenny! I think my favorite has to be the one your son brought home for you! I love brass pieces and the way you styled it with a plant it’s just to cute.

  3. So many great pieces, Jenny! That chair is crazy town on trend… you scored with that beauty. Thanks so much for joining in on the blog. Have a great week, friend. HUGS!

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