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Refresh your spring and summer home decor with Amazon Prime finds

Every time spring and summer roll around, I like to freshen up my home decor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one who can keep up with ever-changing seasonal mantles tablescapes like some of the people I follow on Pinterest. That said, I do like to swap out a few decor items here and there to mix things up, especially after a long, brutal midwest winter like the one we had this year. Today I’m sharing a few items I’m considering to bring a casual, natural, beach-boho vibe for the season. All of these items are from Amazon, and all of them are available via Amazon Prime (yeah!).

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Amazon Prime Spring and Summer Home Decor Items

For spring and summer, I love simple colors like black and white with tan leather or wood and one or two pops of color (like yellow, coral, or turquoise) from accents. Add a few natural elements like plants and baskets and maybe a touch of brass and that’s my ideal vibe. And good news: most items here are between $25 – $40.

1. Seagrass Woven Plant Basket

I love woven baskets capable of disguising standard plant pots. This one is big enough for a larger plant (hello, Fiddle Leaf or Olive Tree!), but it would also be great for storing blankets, laundry, or anything else you don’t want floating around the house.

2. Palm Tree Wall Art

This photo has a California-beachy vibe that’s perfect for warmer weather.

3. Live Edge Wood Side Table

I love natural-looking wood. I’ve got a bench like this in my foyer, and I have one of those root bowls as well. This gorgeous piece would make a great night stand, side table, or could even be used in a bathroom or entryway.

4. Midcentury Plant Stand

Wood plant stands look so good with white planters and green plants. I have a few items like this here and there in my living room.

5. Throw Pillow Covers

These covers are minimal and neutral, but modern. Perfect for laid-back spring and summer days.

6. Gray Malin ESCAPE Coffee Table Book

If you’ve seen Gray Malin’s aerial photography, you know that just looking at it gives you a sense of calm, relaxation, and major vacay vibes.

7. Hello Doormat

Coir doormats are everywhere, and you can get ones that say just about any cute, funny, or even rude saying you want. I like a simple “hello” or “welcome” mat because I tend to get tired of things that are too specific. You have to see the back side of this one, though — it has a little note printed underneath that says, “Looking for hidden keys?”

Amazon Coir Hello Doormat Back Side Says Looking for hidden keys

8. Reversible Geometric Throw Blanket

It’s hot in the summer, but sometimes if you’re sitting by a fan or AC vent, you can get a little chilly. Even if that never happens, draping a throw blanket is a great way to add a little color and print to your decor. This one’s reversible and comes in yellow, red, and black.

9. Buffalo Check Plaid Rug

I have this exact rug in several different sizes, and I love moving them around to switch up my decor. Sometimes I use one as an entryway rug. Other times I like to put one in a bathroom or in the kitchen. Right now I’m using a bigger one right in front of my washer and dryer in the laundry room. They’re machine washable (YES!), lightweight, and inexpensive. I use mine all year round.

More Amazon Prime Spring/Summer Decor Finds

Those are just a few of my spring and summer picks from Amazon. Head over to my Amazon Storefront and see lots more great finds on my Spring-Summer Home Finds idea list.

What are some ways you like to refresh your home for the seasons?

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  1. Soooo many cute options!!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t completely change everything around each season. I switch out some things – doormats for sure – but I don’t have storage for every season lol. I’m loving that plant holder too!

    Hope your day is amazing friend:)

    Black Coffee Beautiful

    • Thanks, Laura! Storage is definitely a huge limiting factor for me. I don’t know where other people put everything! ~ Jenny

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