Warby Parker Try-On and Review 2

Warby Parker Try-On

Warby Try-On Session with 10 Frames

Warby Parker has so many stylish frame options! I’m in the process of narrowing down what I like and don’t like in terms of frame styles. A while back I tried on 10 pairs of Warby Parker frame styles (see those frames here) and really liked a lot of them. I’m still on the fence about which frames to get, so I wanted to try a few more styles using their home try-on program.

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How It Works

Warby Parker’s home try-on is so simple, and it’s free. You just go to the Warby Parker website and pick out 5 frames you want to try. They ship them to you, you have 5 days to try them on, and you send them back in their postage-paid box. There’s even a Frames Quiz if you’re not sure what types of frames you want to try.

Warby Parker Box This Is Great

My Frame Try-Ons

Note that you get 5 pairs of frames to try at once. I’m sharing 10 pairs here because I did this twice in the last few weeks — there were just so many styles I wanted to try! I hope you find this helpful if you’re trying to nail down some frames for yourself.

Some background about my, well, face. I have a square face shape, and a very high forehead and fairly defined cheekbones. The styles I tried were mostly ones Warby suggested as ones that would work for these characteristics.

The First Five

For these first five, I tried two styles in two different colors, and then a third style.

1. Finch in Rose Crystal

I like these! They’ve got a bit of a cat eye, but not too much. The rose crystal color is subtle and the height doesn’t block out my eye brows.

Warby Parker Finch in Rose Crystal

2. Finch in Violet Magnolia

I like these too, but the color might be a little too bold for me. I do like how the glasses are more noticeable, though.

Warby Parker Finch in Violet Magnolia

3. Renwick in Grapefruit Soda

Well darn it, I liked these, but they are no longer on the Warby Parker website. I wanted to see how a smaller pair would go with my more square face. I love the grapefruit soda color with my skin tone, too. Oh well, guess I can check these off of my list unless they bring them back.

Warby Parker Renwick in Grapefruit Soda

4. Welty in Rose Crystal

These are very similar to the Finch, but straighter across the top instead of the cat eye shape. I learned from the Warby Parker website that I may have a low nose bridge, meaning the bridge of my nose sits level with the pupils of my eyes. Warby has some “low bridge fit” frame options that work well for people with nose bridges, wide faces, and/or high cheekbones (all of which apply to me!). These Weltys are a “low bridge” fit frame, which I think is better for me since my eye brows sometimes don’t come above the tops of some frames.

Warby Parker Welty in Rose Crystal

5. Welty in Whiskey Tortoise

These have a simple, classic tortoise that’s got a lot of black in it. Again the shape is good for my face and the bridge is low enough. Another good option!

Warby Parker Welty in Whiskey Tortoise

The Second Five

This time I went with all tortoise-type frames, not clear. I think my favorite frames are ones that are a very light tan — not clear, but not darker tortoise either. The Percey frames below are my ideal shade. It’s hard to find that color in very many styles.

1. Eugene Narrow in Rosewood Tortoise

I had tried the Eugene Narrow in Rose Crystal in one of my previous try-on sessions and liked them. They’re a larger frame, and I think the rose crystal I tried before looks better on me than these darker ones do. The Rosewood Tortoise color looks darker in person than it did online. I do like the shape, though.

Warby Parker Eugene Narrow in Rosewood Tortoise

2. Haskell in Whiskey Tortoise

These are similar to the Eugene Narrow, but they have a slight cat eye. I like the shape, but I think the Whiskey Tortoise color is just too dark for me. These do also come in the clear “crystal” color.

Warby Parker Haskell in Whiskey Tortoise

3. Percey in Chestnut Crystal

These are another rounded style, similar to Percey, but they have a little less cat eye. The Chestnut Crystal is my absolute favorite color of frames, with Grapefruit Soda coming in a close second. Wish I could get any style in those colors. This frame comes in 8 different colors!

Warby Parker Percey in Chestnut Crystal

4. Sims in Striped Sassafras

This is a more classic wide rectangle-type frame. I don’t think you could go wrong with this one. It also comes in this AMAZING red color called Cardinal Crystal, but the red wasn’t available for home try-on or I definitely would have tried it.

Warby Parker Sims in Striped Sassafras

5. Wilkie in Chestnut Crystal

Well you already know how I feel about Chestnut Crystal, and these cuties are another classic rectangle shape. They’re a little straighter across the top than the Sims above, and I think they look better on me that way. When I last checked in 10/2019, the Chestnut Crystal color is no longer available (boo….), but these do come in 6 colors, including a cool bold magenta called Berry Crystal Fade.

Warby Parker Wilkie in Chestnut Crystal

How to Choose

I’m still on the fence about which glasses to get, but that’s okay because I won’t be ordering any until summer when I get my eyes checked again and update my prescription. Who knows, maybe I’ll try a few more pairs.

In the meantime, Warby Parker suggests these fit guidelines for how to find the right frames for you:

Are they comfortable? That’s a great start.

Otherwise, a few rules of thumb:

  • Pupils should be near the center of the lens
  • Lenses shouldn’t extend past the side of your face
  • Eyebrows should not be inside the glasses
  • When you smile, your cheeks don’t push the frames up
  • Frames shouldn’t slide down your nose

I’ve found it helpful to take photos of yourself wearing each pair and then you can look at them side by side. Share the photos with others and get their opinions as well.

I’m still leaning toward #1, 2, 3, and 5 from the second set of my first try-on and then #4 from my first set above (the Welty, in either Rose Crystal or Whiskey Tortoise) or #5 from my second set above (the Wilkie in Chestnut Crystal). I’ll probably buy 2 pairs when it’s all said and done: Which ones would you recommend?

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